Dr Oz Fibroids: Fibroid Symptoms, Risk Factors & Treatments


Dr Oz Fibroids:

Dr Oz did a segment on Fibroids, which could be causing your bloating and pelvic pain.  Doctor Oz said that 70% of women will have Fibroids at some point, so he brought on Dr Evelyn Minaya to show how an easy ultrasound can be used during a Gynecological Exam to monitor this condition.  The uterus is the organ that we take out unnecessarily more often than any other organ in America, and this is often done because of Fibroids.  So, how do you know whether you should consider removing your uterus if you have Fibroids?  What are the Fibroid Symptoms we should all look for?  What are risk factors for getting Fibroids?  And if you do not have your uterus removed, what other Fibroid Treatments are available?  Here is a summary of what Dr Oz said about all of these topics:

Dr Oz: Fibroid Symptoms

Doctor Oz said that some of the common Fibroid Symptoms include the following: Dr Oz Fibroids

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