Dr Oz: How To Find a Good Hair Restoration Clinic & Avoid Scams


Dr Oz: Hair Restoration Scams

The sad truth is that hair restoration scams are more common than ever before. Dr Oz wanted to find out what was really going on inside popular clinics, to find out if some of them could be tricking people and trying to steal their money. Investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy went undercover to find out, with the help of Ann. Ann’s hair is thinning in the front so she began thinking about hair restoration or hair transplant surgery. But she wasn’t sure if it was safe, so she teamed up with Elisabeth to find out more.

Elisabeth and Ann first conducted online searches to read online reviews about several hair restoration clinics. They then put on some hidden cameras and headed to a nearby, well-known hair restoration clinic. Almost immediately, they were already hit with a surprise. The person they met with told them he wasn’t a doctor, even though hair restoration is a medical procedure. So who would be doing the actual operation?

Dr Oz: How To Spot A Hair Restoration Scam + Warning Signs & Tips

Elisabeth Leamy went undercover to show viewers how easy it is to be tricked by a hair restoration scam. Dr Oz shared the warning signs you should look for. (rmommaerts / Flickr)

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