Dr Oz: Fingernail Warning Signs: Dry Cuticles & Clubbing

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Dr Oz: Fingernail Warning Signs: Dry Cuticles & Clubbing

By on October 11, 2011

Dr Oz: Dry Cuticles & Clubbing Nails

In this segment, Dr Oz pulled up Cynthia, an audience member, to find out if her nails were trying to tell her something about her health.  Cynthia is in sales and she admitted to trying to hide her unhealthy looking nails.  She was also on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol.  Dr Oz gave the 3 Warning Signs On Your Nails that indicated vitamin deficiency.

Dr Oz: Nail Warning Signs

1. Dried Out Cuticle: Dried out or eroded cuticles may be the side effect of prescription drugs. Dr Oz Fingernails

Remedy: Use moisturizers with ceramides, which is composed of a fatty acid.

2. White Cracks in the Fingers Around the Nail: This may be due to stress under the nail.  People who’ve had surgery sometimes have this type of nail because of trauma. This may indicate a zinc deficiency.

Remedy: A daily multi-vitamin.  You can also eat seafood, such as shellfish a couple times of month.

3. Clubbing/Puffiness: This may indicate that your body is not getting enough oxygen to the extremities.  To test for clubbing, hold the nails of your index fingers together.  You should see a tiny space between the nails.  If you cannot, you have some clubbing.

Remedy: According to Medscape.com, there is no real remedy for clubbing of the nails.  The good news is that clubbing is not an issue that will cause damage to your health and well-being.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Fingernail Warning Signs: Dry Cuticles & Clubbing

  1. Dottie Lewis says:

    What about RIDGES in the nails. What does that indicate?

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