Dr. Oz: Firefighter Drill Diet with Doug, Iggy & Mauricio


Dr. Oz knows that firefighters are huge role models for many children across America.  It is so sad that more firemen die from health problems that stem from being overweight than from fires.

Dr. Oz found three firemen to help: Doug Crowley, Iggy Brown and Mauricio.  Doug is a lover of chips, cookies and ice cream, but was diagnosed with heart disease (which runs in his family) so his is already on cholesterol medication.  Doug is an engine man, so he is in charge of dragging out the hose that weighs hundreds of pounds, so he really wants to get in better shape so that he can do his job better.  The truth tube revealed that Doug has a blood pressure of 138/78, weighs 237 pounds and a 44″ waist.  Luckily, Doug’s wife Mary Kay is going to be supporting Doug and doing the fireman 4 Drill Weight Loss Program with him… LOVE supportive families!


  1. Pat Lasch says

    I wanted more information on the diet the firefighter explained to the other fireman–what was his name??? Does the have a book on the diet he recommended??? He said not to use expelled oils, but I didn’t catch what to repelace it with==please reply–this is the first diet that might help me reduce cholesterol. [email protected]

  2. Pat Lasch says

    Please publish the name of the firefighter who got his company on track–I really want to know if he has published a book with this diet–he recommended flax seed and not to use olive oil or expelled oils and to give up all meat—please help by responding where I can get receipes from this man and a protocal to follow.

    Pat Lasch [email protected]

  3. Linda says

    Do you have a video of the show on Feb. 11 (with Rip/Diet)???? I just got the notice that it would be on the 11th….and it’s the 13th. BOO HOO!!!

  4. Sue Eisele says

    I went on the vegan diet, after reading Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s book “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease” after Lipitor made me exhausted, threw it away. Within 5 weeks my chlorestrol went from 202 to 157 and I lost 19 pounds. I have been on this diet for 7 months and feel great.

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