Dr Oz: Flat Feet Water Test, Tennis Ball Foot Exercise & High Heels


Dr Oz: Flip Flops Worsen Flatfeet

Have you ever wished you could fix a flat? No I am not referring to a flat tire, but rather the other flats in your life, the ones on your body. Dr. Oz has the solutions you have been waiting for to end your pain and give yourself a little lift in certain areas.

Dr Oz: Flat Feet Water Test

Dr. Oz says that having Flat Feet can lead to problems in other areas of the body and even cause a great deal of pain, so he has a great test that you can do right at home to see if you have Flat Feet. All you need is some water and a piece of paper to this easy test. Place your bare foot in the water then step onto the piece of paper. If you can see the arch area of your foot, then you have “normal” feet, but if there is no sign of the curve in your foot on the paper then you have Flat feet.

Dr Oz: Flat Feet Cause Knee Pain

Dr Oz: Flat Feet Water Test, Tennis Ball Foot Exercise & High Heels

Dr. Taryn Rose says to wear Orthotic inserts if you have Flatfeet because they will help to exercise the muscles in your feet and ease pain.


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