Dr Oz: Flipfold, Robostir, Revlon Speed Hairdryer & Robot Cleaner

Dr Oz Gadgets To Do Things Faster

Dr Oz did a segment with Steve Greenberg, author of Gadget Nation, to introduce us to several household gadgets that will help you to do everything faster.  Greenberg told Doctor Oz that all four of the following items will make your life easier and can save you up to 1-2 hours per day.  The items included a Revlon Speed Hairdryer, a Flipfold Laundry Folder, a Robostir and a Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner With GPS.  Here is what each of these gadgets do:

Dr Oz: Revlon Speed Hairdryer

Dr Oz’s first gadget is the Revlon Speed Hairdryer, which Steve Greenberg said cuts your drying time in half.  Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping Dr Oz Mint Floor Cleanerboth rank the Revlon Speed Hairdryer very highly and in some studies, it even beat more expensive hairdryers.  And best of all, you can pickup the Revlon Speed Hairdryer for $24.99 at Walgreens.  I have super thick and long hair that takes me around 30 minutes to dry completely with a hairdryer, so I will definitely do my best to test out one of these hairdryers!

Dr Oz: Flipfold Laundry Folder

Doctor Oz’s second gadget is the Flip Fold Laundry Folder ($18.99), which is used in clothing stores to fold shirts neatly and quickly.  You can fold a shirt in just 5 seconds with the Flipfold, and it was invented by a mom.  Even Dr Oz and Steve Greenberg were able to fold a shirt perfectly with the Flipfold.

Dr Oz: Robostir

Dr Oz’s third gadget is the automatic Robo Stir which is a kitchen gadget that will stir your soups and gravies for you.  The Robostir has three different speeds and will keep you from having to constantly stir a pot over the hot stove.

Dr Oz: Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner With GPS

Doctor Oz’s final gadget is an automatic Robot Floor Cleaner that looks worlds better than previous models that I have seen.  The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner with GPS is an automatic flood cleaner that has built in navigation so that it does not clean the same spot on the floor multiple times.  Your floors are cleaned effortlessly for just $199 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Think about how much money you will save by replacing your housekeeper with the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner With GPS.  I must get this Robot Cleaner and write a review for all of you about it!

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