Dr Oz Folic Acid Quiz & Folic Acid Challenge

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Dr Oz Folic Acid Quiz & Folic Acid Challenge

By on October 27, 2010

Dr Oz spoke about a vitamin that many women do not realize that they need: Folic Acid.  Especially after turning 40 years old, Folic Acid is important. Dr Oz's Folic Acid Quiz

What Group of Vitamins Does Folic Acid Belong To?

Doctor Oz said that Folic Acid is a man-made form of Folate and is part of the Vitamin B family.  In Dr Oz’s Folic Acid Quiz, 59% of his audience said that Folic Acid was in the Vitamin B family, while the rest of the audience guessed Vitamin A or Vitamin C.  Many of us have heard about how important Folic Acid is while you are pregnant, but I had never heard about how crucial it is in older women.  Dr Oz said that Folic Acid is critical to your metabolism and for maintaining cells.

What Organ Absorbs Folic Acid?

Dr Oz said that the small intestine is what absorbs Folic Acid in your body.

What Organ Processes Folic Acid?

Dr Oz said that the liver processes Folic Acid and ships it to wherever we need it in our body.

What Food is the Best Source of Folic Acid?

Dr Oz asked his audience if they thought that the best source of Folic Acid was asparagus, liver or breakfast cereal.  58% guessed asparagus had the highest amounts of folic acid, but Dr Oz said they were wrong!  Breakfast cereal, as long as you get the fortified type, is the best food source of folic acid.

Dr Oz flashed on the screen that you can take one 400 mcg Folic Acid tablet each day to make sure you get your daily dose!

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