Dr Oz: Food Addiction Causes Overeating & Weight Gain?


Dr Oz: Does Food Addiction Cause Overeating?

Doctor Oz did a show called Can You Be Addicted To Food?  Is there something in our food that’s to blame? Could the food industry be purposely getting you hooked on their products. In this segment, the debate continues with nutrition expert, Dr. Neal Barnard, and registered dietician and author of The Small Change Diet, Keri Gans.



  1. Rosalee Adams says

    I lost my pituitary gland in 2003 to a tumor later followed by my adrenals. I have chronic low blood sugar as a result and reach for sugar
    I had a very bad attack recently and reached for a slice of apple to correct it
    I am coming to term more and more why I reach for sugar so often, but feel like an addict
    who chips at drugs…………to keep from having free fall.
    I NEED desperately to correct it
    My condolences to those who feel it is all just ‘lack of discipline’ or ‘learned behavior’.
    I would call those observations naive at best……………..
    I believe sugar IS in fact harder to break than crack…………for those who are addicted
    For me, the purer the better. I could care less for fatty foods, fast foods etc. but sugar
    is MY thing and it is naive to say lack of discipline or learned behavior.

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