Dr Oz: Food Cravings: 3 Ways to Conquer Food Cravings & Just 10 Bracelet


Dr Oz did a show called Conquer Your Food Cravings as part of the Dr Oz Just 10 Pounds program.  400,000 people signed up for Dr Oz’s Just 10 Bracelet from Zappos.com and are participating in the Just 10 program (which you can read a recap of here in case you missed it: Dr Oz Just 10).   However, many of us are giving up or having problems because of cravings that are throwing us off track.  That is why Doctor Oz sent Brad Lamm to a hair salon in New Jersey called Allendale Hair Studios LLC to help them get back on track.  The salon owner of Allendale Hair Studios (AHS) is Roberta, and her team is made up of Lisa (a chocoholic), Doree (a fried food addict) and Lorainne (a carb craver). Dr Oz Cravings

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