Dr Oz: Food Fixes: Halibut, Quinoa & Berry Granita


Doctor Oz and Dave Lieberman did a segment on Food Fixes after Dr Oz’s segment on Food Frauds, to teach us how to replace the deceptive food packages with healthy meals instead.  Dave Lieberman never ceases to amaze me with the delicious recipes that he came up with.  He taught Dr Oz how to make an Almond Crusted Halibut Recipe, a Quinoa Salad Recipe with a warm balsamic vinegar dressing, and a refreshing Berry Granita Recipe for dessert. Dr Oz Halibut Recipe


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    I have fallen completely in love with quinoa. I have been experimenting with quinoa all week, using it to replace the rice in dishes like red beans and rice and also to make a hearty breakfast cereal. I find quinoa works well no matter how I serve it.

    I have linked my name to a blog where I collect quinoa recipes. Feel free to stop by and get inspired.



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