Dr. Oz: Food Pushers Enza Mennella, Joe, Alexa, Amanda & Joseph


Dr. Oz had Enza Menella and her family – husband Joe and children Alexa, Joseph and Amanda – on his show. Enza’s family is hungry to get healthy! They are a 100% Italian family that shows their love through food. The Menella family live down the street from Enza’s sister and mother, and all of them love to eat food.

Enza says that everything is always about the food – the bigger the meal, the longer the amount of time we get to spend together.  Her husband Joe said he has gained 80 pound of love since getting married.  All the children said they always feel full, and when their mom isn’t around, they know when they are full and want to stop eating.  Enza said that growing up they always had fresh food and were told to finish everything on their plate.  Dr. Oz gave Enza a term that applies nicely to my mother as well: A Food Pusher!


  1. Lo says

    When Just Say No does not work. I was seeing a food pusher. I thought I finally got the pushing the food under control to find out they started using cream instead of milk and double ingredients on all the stuff that was fattening and/or high in cholestorol. My cholestorol is 399 and some inherited to be sure. I finally asked them if they had taken a life insurance policy out on me. I thought maybe they would get it with humor. I gained 23 pounds in a short order and am still pulling it back off. They came across as the victim when I would not clean up my plate or would say no. I got tired of having to keep my guard up all the time so I dumped em. Who needs it.. I will get this weight off and I will find someone who respects my boundaries. Actually they know no moderation in any area of their life.

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