Dr Oz: Food Substitutes: Olive Oil Pump Can, Olestra & Margarine

Dr Oz did a segment on Food Substitutes to teach us which are healthy and which are not the smartest choices.  Doctor Oz was joined by Christine Gerbstadt again for this segment. Dr Oz Oil Pump Can

Dr Oz: Butter vs Margarine

Dr Oz asked which is healthier: butter or margarine?  Margarine is made of vegetable oil and so it has no cholesterol, but some margarine brands are even worse for you than butter.  Look for a softer margarine that comes in a tub and is spreadable, because sticks often have trans fats and other nasty things.  Look for margarine like Benecol and Smart Balance that have cholesterol lowering products called plant sterols.  The plant sterols in the margarine actually occur naturally in avocados and other vegetables with healthy fats.  One side effect is that it can lower your Vitamin A levels, so make sure to eat a dark green leafy vegetable to balance it out.

Dr Oz: Refillable Pump Can Oil Spray vs Nonstick Spray

Gerbstadt told Dr Oz that there are chemicals in nonstick sprays that are not very good for you, but at least if you are going to use them, use a Walnut Oil spray or an Olive Oil Spray.  She then showed Dr Oz a very neat invention which is a refillable pump can that you fill with your favorite olive oil and manually pump it to make it spray-able.

Dr Oz: Olestra vs Fat

Dr Oz said that olestra is often found in low fat potato chips as a fat substitute.  Christine Gerbstadt said there are major socially undesirable things that happen when you eat Olestra like having gas, bloating and even anal leakage.  So fat free foods are not always healthier for you.  Heart healthy fats are important for you.  Plus, people who eat low fat chips tend to eat more than people who eat full fat chips.

Dr Oz: Fake Salt (Potassium Chloride) vs Table Salt

The problem with fake salt or Potassium Chloride (in addition to tasting bitter) is that it will still have some sodium chloride mixed into it so you are still getting some salt.  If you have Kidney Disease or take heart medications, you should probably avoid Potassium Chloride because you do not want too much potassium.  Dr Oz suggested skipping salt or Fake Salt altogether and instead try some fresh herbs or dried herbs.


  1. E. Wagner says

    I have a problem with Smart Balance as a “healthy alternative” to butter. Any product with that many additives cannot be healthier than that which it is trying to imitate. Butter has two ingredients: cream and salt. Smart Balance contains one of the key components to butane (the active ingredient in lighter fluid).
    Has anyone who “swears by” margarine or Smart Balance seen what it looks like BEFORE they add carotine (the coloring agent) to it? It is a drab, gray color. If coloring has to be added to something in order to make it look like something else, I’m not going to champion that product as “the healthy alternative”.

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