Dr Oz: Foods That Cause Gas: The Flatulent 5

Doctor Oz always has the cutest names, like “The Flatulent 5” for the five foods that cause gas and flatulence (farting, for those unfamiliar with the term).  Dr Oz said that everyone (men and women) pass gas at least 12 times per day.   Dr Oz asked a husband if he ever heard his wife fart, and he said that he never heard her but he smelled her pass gas before.  Dr Oz said that when you eat a gassy food, it goes into your small bowel and your body begins to digest it, then it goes into your colon where bacteria digest it further and produce a bunch of gas which makes you feel bloated and causes you to fart.  So what are Dr Oz’s surprising causes of gas and which foods should we avoid?  Gas Causing Foods

Dr Oz’s Flatulent 5

1.  Starch: Whole Wheat Pasta

Dr Oz said that whole wheat pasta causes more gas than white rice because whole grains produce more gas than more refined foods.  However, whole wheat pasta is healthier than white rice, so I’d still rather have gas and pick the healthier option.

2.  Dairy: Milk

Dr Oz said that milk causes more gas than cookies, especially as we age.  When we get older, our ability to breakdown lactose decreases and causes people to get more bloated.  Lactose is a sugar that bacteria eats, so products like milk, cheese and ice cream can cause gas.

3.  Fiber: Pears

Dr Oz said that pears, beans, oat bran and high fiber foods cause more gas than peanut butter.  There is a lot of fiber in the skin of the fruit (around 5.5 grams of fiber) along with some sugar.

4.  Carbonated Beverages: Soda

Dr Oz said that soda and carbonated drinks cause more flatulence than tea, especially if you drink your soda through a straw which causes you to swallow even more air.  Dr Oz said if you gulp down your soda, that can also increase your gas… plus the simple sugars in the soda add to your fart count!

5.  Added Sweeteners – Gum & Breath Mints

Dr Oz said that added sweeteners, like that found in gum and breath mints, can make you more gassy.  Both natural sugars and added sugars, like sorbitol, cannot be totally absorbed by your body.  So the bacteria try to get rid of it and produce gas in your stomach.


  1. Dr says

    ewww. No that I know this, i will make sure my wife does too. We may be avoiding some of these things altogether.

  2. Nancy Vick says

    On your show, two people took a lactose test. One was lactose intolerant, the lady had small bowel bacteria. What was the test?

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