Dr Oz: Foods to Blast Belly Fat: Healthy Fats & Vitamin C


Doctor Oz did a segment on Foods to Blast Belly Fat, because belly fat is the most dangerous fat in our bodies.  Dr Oz said that belly fat is caused by what you eat and by your genes… I knew my parents were to blame haha!  To teach us about Foods to Blast Belly Fat, Dr Oz played a game called Family Food (a play on the words Family Feud) with the Velez family and the Taylor family.  The winner got to help make Dr Oz & Cat Cora’s Red Snapper Fish & Pumpkin Seeds Recipe in the next segment.  See if you can guess what the top four foods in each of the following categories is. dr oz healthy fats

Foods to Blast Belly Fat: Healthy Fats

1.  Walnuts have healthy fats and help relax the liver

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