Dr. Oz: Former Beauty Queen Pageant Winners Diet to Lose Weight

Doctor Oz brought on to his show three former beauty queens who have all put on an extra 100 pounds and want to lose weight.  With the help of Jill Knapp, a former beauty pageant winner who went through the same process and successfully lost weight and cured her diabetes, I am sure that these women will be back to their previous bodies in no time!

Julie – Miss Cherry Blossom 1987

Julie is from Akron, Ohio and weighed 144 pounds when she was Miss Cherry Blossom in 1987.  Now Julie weighs 218 pounds and her triglycerides are 648, which is the highest number that Dr. Oz has ever had on his show.  You want your triglycerides, the amount of fat in your blood, to be under 150.  Dr. Oz assured Julie that triglyceride levels are one of the most easy to fix numbers in the human body, so she can AND will be able to get this under control.

Mona – Miss Tehama

Mona is from Rocklin, California and weighed 145 pounds when she was Miss Tehama.  Now she weighs 218 pounds, just like Julie, and her LDL cholesterol is 173.  LDL cholesterol or lousy cholesterol (as Dr. Oz calls it) is harder to fix than triglycerides, but it is still totally fixable.

Cathea – Miss Mississippi Finalist 1994

Cathea is from Riply, MS and weighed 130 pounds when she was the Miss Mississippi Finalist in 1994.  Cathea has a degree in nutrition, but she is a night binger and regularly eats at 2 am and 4 am… she actually wakes up and gets out of bed to eat both times.  I wonder if she is also a sleep eater?  Cathea now weighs 253 pounds and her waist size is 50″.  All of the extra weight around her waist blocks her insulin’s ability to work, so her glucose is 109 which is pre-diabetes (you want your glucose under 100).

Jill Knapp’s JOB for Losing Weight:

J – Journal the Food You Eat (this will make you accountable for the food you eat)
O – Obstacles will Occur Every Day… you must overcome these and be strong!
B – Be Patient and Kind to Yourself (losing weight is never an overnight miracle process)

Jill Knapp put together a great plan to help all of us who are emotional eaters:

Jill Knapp & Dr. Oz’s Plan to Overcome Emotional Eating:

1. Make your morning about fiber with raspberry flaxseed oil shakes.

Try things like Dr. Oz’s Spinach Raspberry & Flaxseed Oil Shake Recipe.  Plus, Flaxseed Oil is great for making your hair beautiful!

2.  Do not under-eat.

If you starve yourself, then you will not lose weight.  Try six small meals.

3.  Curb your cravings with peanut butter.

Jill Knapp loved sugar and sweets, and whenever she gets a craving she eats a teaspoon of peanut butter.  The peanut butter will take the edge off of your sugar craving, plus it is great for dry skin because of the vitamin e in peanut butter.

4.  Walk 10,000 steps a day with a pedometer.

You must walk 10,000 steps a day and you should use a Pedometer.


  1. Karol says

    Loved this show. I was so inspired by Jill. Mrs. Idaho.
    Can’t wait to see how the ladies do.

  2. says

    Jill was beautiful. You can bet the other ladies will be also. Good for Dr. OZ;
    I loved this episode. It’s like a biggest loser for pageant ladies.

  3. Gwen says

    I was really inspired by Mrs. Idaho.100 pounds. I also liked Julie. Hard to tell who will win dr.oz

  4. Beth says

    I love pageants and love weight loss success stories. When Dr. OZ combined these two he made my day.
    I think Jill was gorgeous. The ladies will be wanting to be where she is now. I look forward to the next show.

  5. Mark flowers says

    I am on a mission to find one woman with the most amazing story/ Let me make note I will need some favors fromJulie, Jill, Mona and cathea

  6. Dr. OZ #1Fan says

    How can we find out if the girls are single. I believe one was engaged. I didn’t see a ring on Cathea’s finger? She is gorgeous right now!

  7. Tina Dr.OZ #2 fan LOL says

    Not sure about Mona, Isn’t Julie the one that is engaged? Jill was beautiful and so was Cathea. Are they Married? When does the next show come on? How are the ladies doing? How much weight have they lost?

  8. Julie says

    Hi everyone! This is Julie from the show. Mona is the one that is engaged. I would like to thank EVERYONE for all the great positive support! Cathea is a beautiful woman just as one of the fans on here stated. Mona is a California girl and we all know California girls are natural beauties! That is what makes this such an interesting competition! Jill is our saving grace – and we rely on her so much! She has been there and she can certainly relate to what we are going through!

    Hope to see you all soon!


  9. Lynn says

    Just a note, Jill did not win Mrs. Idaho, while I hope she returns to the pageant to try to win, she is not a current/former Mrs. Idaho.

  10. Bella says

    Julie, how is your health? I was worried about you due to your high triglycerides. I struggle with that also. I can’t wait until the next show. You all did such a great job! It’s nice to hear Jill is as nice as she seemed. Is Dr. OZ as nice on T.V as he looks?? Also do any of you have a web site so we can follow you better??

  11. Kendell Jackson says

    On this show Catha I could relate with the most. I am fat and struggle with putting the fork down. I have a degree as well and I suck at living out the proper lifestyle I should. I can tell others what to do and go home and stuff my face.

  12. Tiffany says

    Holly &*** is this the same lady that had to give up her crown taken away for gaining weight??

  13. Atesia says

    This is the show that was on last month. Only Cathea lost the weight. She was the black lady that had beautiful skin.

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