Dr Oz: Free Blood Pressure Test at Walgreens: Way to Well Commitment

Dr Oz has been talking all season long about the importance of Knowing Your 5 Lifesaving Numbers, so today he focused on one of these numbers – your Blood Pressure.  Doctor Oz spoke about what High Blood Pressure can do to your organs and how you can protect yourself from getting High Blood Pressure.  Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day was Bonnie from Cleveland, and Dr Oz said that he was born in Cleveland!  That is something even I never knew about him!

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Numbers

Dr Oz said that 69% of the people in his audience did not know their Blood Pressure or were off by more than 10 points.  Your Blood Pressure should be 115/75.  Hypertension is Dr Oz Walgreens Blood Pressure Test140/90 or higher.  Dr Oz said that the life expectancy for these two Blood Pressure figures differ greatly.

Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure Problems

Dr Oz said that if you think of your artery as a tube where blood goes back and forth, the harder your heart has to pump to make the blood flow, the more pressure you put into the artery and eventually it can explode and blood cannot pass through.  Dr Oz said he mainly worries about two things with respect to High Blood Pressure:

Impact of High Blood Pressure On Heart

Dr Oz said that when you have High Blood Pressure, your heart muscle gets thicker than it should be from having to work so hard.  If you lift weights all the time, your arm muscles get bigger, and the same thing happens with your heart muscle.  Eventually your heart muscle cannot relax and you get a shortness of breath.

Impact of High Blood Pressure On Brain

Dr Oz said that a bigger acute problem for younger people, and this is especially prevalent in African Americans, are strokes from high blood pressure.  If you take a sliver of brain from someone who had a stroke, you will see where the brain crumbled and the artery actually burst.

Dr Oz: Walgreens Blood Pressure Test in February

Dr Oz said that to help prevent High Blood Pressure, you need to know your numbers.  Dr Oz was joined by Stacia Woodcock, a Walgreens Pharmacist, who said that pharmacists are medication experts who can provide opinions on Over-The-Counter medications that are safe for people with High Blood Pressure.  They also sell Blood Pressure Machines, can teach you how to use it, and can suggest the best one for you to buy.  Dr Oz said that there is a new $100 million program called Walgreens Way To Well Commitment and, starting today, every Walgreens in the country is offering a Free Blood Pressure Test through the end of February.  So, just walk into any Walgreens any time this month, and you can get your Blood Pressure tested for free.  Now you really have no excuse for not knowing your blood pressure!  Walgreens also gave everyone in Dr Oz’s Audience a $50 Walgreens Gift Card!

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