Dr Oz Free Clinic: America’s Health Crisis- Healing the Uninsured


Dr Oz & CareNow’s Free Clinic

Dr Oz, in conjunction with CareNow, held one of the largest free clinic events ever. Thousands of people desperate for medical attention came to receive the free healthcare. Dr Oz was on a mission to transform and save the lives of those people as well and yours.

According to Dr Oz, 50 million people are without health insurance and medical care. Dr Oz Free Clinic That day in LA, Doctor Oz heard stories like Monica, age 23, who constantly passed out but had nowhere to go to get herself checked out. Carol 60, another woman with no health insurance, stated that she had pain in her right breast and that she had a history of breast cancer. Carol couldn’t get it check out because she had no health insurance.

Dr Oz Free Health Clinic

Dr Oz and CareNow, the sponsor, transformed the LA Sports Arena into the nation’s free health clinic. Inside the clinic were 3000 doctors, dentists and technicians. Some of those that attended the free clinic learned of their diagnosis for the first time. During his free clinic trip, David 22, was diagnosed with diabetes. Vickie learned that she had high blood pressure and that her numbers were high enough to warrant a hospital stay.

Dr Oz: Health Insurance Crisis in America

Felicia, age 41, came to the clinic because she noticed a bump in her left breast about a year ago. She never sought medical attention for the bump because she did not have medical insurance. She spent the last year stressed about the bump, especially since her grandmother had passed at the age of 35 with breast cancer. Dr Oz performed a mammogram on Felicia and the results came three hours later. During those three hours, Felicia patiently waited, just grateful that this free clinic was offered. Dr Oz found a mass. Dr Oz suggested an ultrasound and then another type of mammogram to figure what was happening.


  1. Kurt Richards says

    I have a cronic fistula. I have had 3 surgerys to repair it with failed results. This condition I have had since July 2009. I have no insurance and my doctor has stoped treatment and will not perform any futher surgery. I have tried to contact the Dr. Oz show but can’t find the right way to do this. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME !

  2. says

    DR.OZ can you help my daughter? Her name is Kimberly Weiland has a heart of gold. Is fighting a drug addiction here is the problem she had a hernia the size off a sliver dollar it keeps comming out and I am scard to death that it may not go back in one day!. Kim has no insurance and no one will help her can you? We live in a rual are

  3. violet farag says


    Thanks for all your shows. we learn a lot.
    Is there a free clinic in my area ?
    Hope to hear from you soon. I’ll be thankfull.


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