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Dr Oz did a segment on the importance of Eye Exams, as part of the Dr Oz Watch & Win Hour.  Doctor Oz spoke about what happens during an Eye Exam and what your eyes can tell you about your overall health.  Plus, in this segment he did a Free Eye Exam Giveaway courtesy of Pearle Vision, which I will write details about at the end for how you too can get a free Eye Exam!  And I am proud to announce that we (Dr Oz Fans) have partnered with quite a few fabulous companies and have launched our new sister site, Opinion Queen, that will focus on doing tons of great product reviews, as well as free giveaways of the products reviewed.  You can sign-up for our latest free giveaway of an Emile HenryPizza Stone or our free give-away of 100% organic lollipops here: Organic Lollipop Giveaway.  There are many more free giveaways that will be posted soon! Dr Oz Pearle Vision Eye Exam Giveaway

What Eyes Tell You About Your Overall Health:

The first part of an eye exam is reading an eye chart, which tells the doctor about your distance vision.  This is where you read letters off of a chart.  Then, the doctor examines the cornea, which is the portion of your eye right in front of the iris (which is where the color of your eye is located).  The doctor checks to make sure that light reflects back off of the cornea.  If you have bad vision, it can mean that your cornea got messed up.  For example, if your eyes turn red or you close your eyes quickly when exposed to light, this can mean that your eyes are irritated.

Dr Oz: Cataracts

Dr Oz said that behind the cornea we have a lens, which is usually clear.  But the #1 cause for blindness is that this lens turns yellow or “foggy” and you develop cataracts.  Half of people will get cataracts in this country, if they live long enough.  Think of it this way, when you itch your arm, little pieces of dry skin will flake off.  If this happens inside of your eye, the little flakes have no where to fall off to, so they just buildup inside of your eye.  Dr Oz said you can replace your eye’s lens with a very low risk procedure.  Also, you can help prevent cataracts by eating 5 servings of nuts throughout the week, because selenium in nuts help to fight off cataracts.

Impact of High Blood Pressure on Retinas

Next, the doctor will dilate your iris to take a look at your retina at the back of your eye.  From looking here, the doctor can tell if you have high blood pressure or not.  Dr Oz showed a picture of what a retina looks like in a person with hypertension.  There are white areas where the blood cannot reach to, and there are red blotchy areas where you hemorrhaged from surging blood pressure.  The scary thing is that if this is happening to your retina, the exact same thing is happening to your brain.

Dr Oz: Macular Degeneration

Dr Oz said that with Macular Degeneration, you have difficulty seeing out of one part of the eye, but not another part.  There is no easy solution if you get Macular Degeneration, so the best thing to do is to prevent it.  Dr Oz said that you can help rebuild your retina and prevent Macular Degeneration by eating foods like egg yolks, orange colored foods like orange peppers and spinach.

Dr Oz: Pearle Vision Eye Exam Giveaway

Tomorrow, starting at 3 pm EST, the first 500 people to go here will get a free Pearle Vision Eye Exam.  And do not forget to sign-up at our new sister to win free 100% organic lollipops here: Organic Lollipop Giveaway and the pizza stone here: Emile Henry Pizza Stone Giveaway


  1. says

    I didn’t hear you mention “Floaties?” in yoiur todays show Nov. 1st, 2010. I’m thinking that these are the same retinal symptoms you and the guest painted on the clear glass and simulated retinal Macular Degeneration am I right or the “Floaties” something different? I see these only sometimes, not asll the time and they appear to be floating around inm my eye(s). I am thinking aboiut lazer surgery here in the near future. I have worn glasses since the age of 4 (four)….stopped wearing them when I was 14…the doctor toldl me that I no longer needed them, but I knew that I did.

  2. says

    Cynthia, we are not affiliated with Dr Oz, we are just Dr Oz’s biggest fan site. So we cannot take credit for Dr Oz’s show today 🙂 … I did not hear him mention Floaties either. I did a quick google search though and found something called Eye Floaters which according to Wikipedia “may appear as spots, threads, or fragments of cobwebs, which float slowly before the observer’s eyes” It says that two treatments for Eye Floaters are Vitrectomy and Laser Vitreolysis. Have you discussed these options with your doctor yet?

  3. Lisa Helms says

    I am an employee at Pearle Vision in Collierville TN.
    A lady just called stating she recieved a free eye exam through your show and we have no clue how to get our independant doctor to get her fee back from you. SO if you could please guide us in to how to go about this ASAP !!!

    Lisa Helms
    Pearle Vision Center

  4. maria says

    Dear Dr.OZ

    Is there any natural remedy for “Eyes floaters and flashings”?

    Thank you


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