Dr Oz: Free Health Clinic in Chicago: Health Expo Chicago Nov 8


Dr Oz setup the largest free clinic ever for the first time last year in Houston, Texas.  But this year on November 8, 2010, Doctor Oz setup another Free Health Clinic in Chicago, Illinois to take care of people and to inform them of their 5 critical numbers.  If you do not know about the Dr Oz Know Your 5 Lifesaving Numbers, then please read this recap by clicking here: Dr Oz Know Your 5! Dr Oz Free Clinic

Dr Oz Health Expo Chicago

In Houston, Dr Oz’s Free Clinic saw 1,700 people in just 12 hours.  This year, the Dr Oz Health Expo in Chicago turned the Millennium Park into their screening arena, and the turnout was huge – with lines of people stretching all around the block.

Dr Oz Know Your 5

In case you do not remember Dr Oz’s Know Your 5, here is the list:


  1. lindsay says

    Just wanted to praise Dr. Oz for advice on Rosacea. It’s been a huge part of my life for the last couple years and has scarred my face. I took his advice and never use soap and drink green tea and my skin is great. I’m so excited that this actually worked. An added thing i do is wash my face with baby wipes and it feels great and there is no itchiness whatsoever!!
    So, so happy

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