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Dr Oz’s Free Health Clinic

Doctor Oz did the next best thing to giving everyone Free Health Insurance… he held a Free Health Clinic to help people with their health problems during these financially difficult times.  Angela was a woman who had been overweight all her life. Her weight gain increased after her divorce and she was left to care for two children as a single mother. At her low point, Angela was almost 300 lbs and had high blood pressure. She was on several medications when her gallbladder burst and she needed surgery. While stuck in the house recovering, she started watching The Doctor Oz Show. Something clicked and the impossible happened. For Angela, Dr Oz made losing weight seem so simple. She became an avid watcher of The Doctor Oz Show to collect tips on how to lose the weight. Today, Angela is 139 lbs and felt like Dr Oz had saved her life. It took her two years, but she did it. Angela lost 125 lbs.


  1. SCG says

    I know Dr. Oz has been helping me! I have to give Dr. Oz credit for my being taken off one of my medications (after 8 months of trying) … my doctor said if I continue this way he’ll take me off the others!!! Even my own doctor had to ask me what I was doing that gave me good test readings. I told him I’ve gone organic (my doctor is not a big Dr. Oz fan). Now I need to loose weight. In the past two months I have lost about 14 lbs.

    I know Dr. Oz reads the messages left on his board. About 2 months ago I asked him about hibiscus tea and lowring BP. Just this week Dr. Oz mentioned on his show that hibiscus tea lowers BP. Now my spouse knows that hibiscus tea lowers BP … afterall, Dr. Oz said so! Now my spouse beleives me and has started drinking it too.

  2. says

    I would like for you to hear all about the free clinic my son-in-law started about 15 years ago in Cornelius,N.C.. The story is wonderful. My son-in-law is David Cook,MD. I am watching your show as I type this. Today is the Free Clinic where you have saved so many lives by offering this service. Lakeside Family Physicians is the clinic where my son-in-law started many years ago. He has been so successful, with the help of the Lord and a wonderful wife. He now has 9 clinics with 57 or more Doctors. These Doctors take turns at the Free Clinic. My daughter, April Cook is now the Director at the Free Clinic because with the dream she and David have shared the Free clinic has grown from seeing patients in the back of a grocery store to an office with 7 exam rooms. The growth of the patient care has grown from 75 patients every Weds. night at the grocery store to thousands. I would like for you to meet these loving, caring, giving husband and wife team, April and David Cook. I am so proud of them and the the beautiful story as to how the Free clinic started and grew is just to long to give you the entire story. My daugher fears the next grant/donations will not be coming the next month or the next year. Thanks for all you do, Dr. Oz, you are a great person. I will not miss your show here in Concord, N.C..

  3. Christine says

    Get a FULL thyroid test. I had untreated hypothyroid for years, untreated because the usual test came up “normal” even though I had symptoms such as lethargy, weight gain, and hair loss. Only when I saw an endocrinologist who ran a full panel did I receive a correct diagnosis. And only after several more years of fiddling with my medications have we finally found the right dosage for me to regain my energy and moderate my appetite. I’ve lost 30 pounds this year without effort since the most recent increase in my Synthroid (the generic didn’t work). I regret all those years of beating myself up over what was actually a chemical imbalance.

  4. mahnaz says

    dear dr.oz
    i am a single girl and my weight is seventy nine kg. it is a big problem in my life and i am very sad.i am going to go on a diet.what do i have to?
    plz help me.i know you in opra tv.

    thanks a lot

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