Dr Oz: FREE Krill Oil, White Bean Extract, Milk Thistle & Bacopa


White Bean Extract Prevents Weight Gain

Want to stop the aging process? On today’s show, Dr Oz givess you the superstar supplements that will boost memory, help you lose weight, and prevent heart attacks.

Roxanne, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she takes a multivitamin in gummy form. (Oh, c’mon, you know you like the gummy ones too!) The reason she took 1 multivitamin was because she was confused about which vitamins she needed.


  1. do says

    I was on Mega Red 3 years ago and my cholesterol went up. I believe it was because Krill is shrimp which is shell fish which is high in cholesterol.
    I’m so confused all the time with what to take and not take.
    The fish oil I now take is from Iceland and is made from sardines.
    I wish someone could tell me for sure if the rise in cholesterol was from the krill.
    It did go down when I stopped the krill. That was the only thing I did that was different with diet.

  2. Jane says

    been trying to find how to get the krill oil from dr oz but don’t see anything…please..i really would like to get it.

  3. Ramona Rodrigurz says

    Please send me this Mega fish oil I would love to have it. I have so many different kind of vitamins I would love to have this one I could stop the other vitamins.

  4. Janice says

    I watched your show on tuesday and am in need of all the products shown,please send them to me. Thank you so much!

  5. marjory adrian says

    Dr. Oz i do listen to you every day. I try to take ny fish oil every day also give it to my dogs So i would love to try krill oil thank you so very much.

  6. Cathy hunter says

    I couldn’t find where to go for the free krill oil? I would love to try it and the other vitamins as well!

  7. says

    Had heart attack, stents put in 3 weeks before my husband died from liver cancer.
    I was a typical woman… waited 2 days till my husband’s sisters could come and look after him so I could go get my heart checked! I had 99% blockage in Anterior Descending Artery(the widow maker!): Heart Specialist doesn’t know how I survived but…MY HUSBAND NEEDED ME, so I couldn’t die! I didn’t even tell him I’d had chest pain that put me on the ground for awhile. Had to tell him though, when they flew me to Saskatoon for immediate repairs.
    It was a rough time, so I am really trying to be pro-active regarding my heart health. My step-son wants me to stay healthy for a long time! So, I would really like to get started on Krill Oil if you would please send me some.

  8. amy says

    Went to this website immediately upon hearing Dr. Oz state that the first 300 people to request free krill oil would receive it. Could not find any indication of where on the site I was supposed to do this. Finally just clicked on megared krill oil ad & signed up for coupon hoping that was it. Now they have my name, my email address & my street address, but am I signed up for the free product? I still don’t know! After all that I saw that we are all supposed to “come back tomorrow at 3:00” when the first 8000 people to request it will now receive the free krill oil. I do hope you’re not baiting us just to obtain our info for advertising data.

  9. Norma Lovell says

    I started on vegetarian diet 11 months after my heart attack and my blood pressure dropped from 130/80 down to 89/55 in 6 weeks. My cholesterol dropped from 3.0 to 1.36 so the doctors dropped my prescriptions for Clopidogrel(Plavix) and Metoprolol(Lopressor), and halved the dosage of Ramipril(Altace) and Atorvastatin(Lipitor). (all BP readings taken in the morning before I get out of bed).
    My Dr. and Pharmacist were shocked at the changes so quickly. Do they not take nutrition in medical school?

  10. Betty Saboe says

    Cannot excess place to get free Mega Red Krill oil. I noticed others have had that problem too.

  11. do says

    Check web Md
    milk thistle can have interaction with certain prescription meds like statins and arthritis drugs.
    be careful with white bean extract too it effects proper absorbtion of carbs can have some side effects too.

  12. Elaine says

    Would appreciate a free bottle of the Krill Oil: I am taking fish oil now and it has a horrible after-taste: Thank you.

  13. says

    check with your local health food store and be sure to tell your doctor what you plan to take. He won’t want to see you in the Emergency room. NOT all that Dr Oz suggests does he do himself. His diet change affects him the most..and he’s sure to get more vegies than any meats.

  14. ann good says

    where can i get the free krill i have a heart stent.on a vegan diet since 2003.
    thank you
    dr oz

  15. joan breggins says

    please tell me how I can get the free products, from your 22 Feb 12 show at 2:25 am show.
    I would like to know these things so I can get a little bit healthy and take better care of myself.

    I would like to get one of the 8000 bottles free, and all of the products you talked about at that time of that morning show. I really need your help, with the memory pills also…please help me.
    I am a retired teacher… I really need your help, I need all the things that you talked about on that show. I am excited about this. especially the memory help bottle.
    tx u.

  16. Vivian Hoose says

    Sorry but think this free krill is fake. I`am not happy with Dr. Oz right now. How do you think on this.

  17. do says

    When Things are said to be on dr.oz.com they OFTEN aren’t.
    Like coupons or free chip maker and now the krill oil.
    Not surprised at all.
    All you folks that are typing in are wasting your time!!!!!!!!!!

  18. do says


  19. Rita Brown says

    who said I got it? That is sarcasim. You can’t find aplace on Dr Oz sight to get anything free. Everything he says on his show is a lie!

  20. M Johnston says

    I hope all the people above who were looking for the free krill oil have finally realized that this is NOT the official Doctor Oz website. This is just a fan site and is not affiliated with the show in any way.

  21. s. wagner says

    I searched everywhere for the August 1st episode of free 8000 bottles of Mega Red Krill Oil and apparently, you will find it no place. False advertising, I believe. Also, BEWARE, on his pushing the RASPBERRY KETONES, he neglects to mention that if you’re “caffeine sensitive” which I am as the caffeine causes my heart to stop/start/skip/irregular, etc. it about messed me up, so I was out $27.00+ on the Raspberry Ketones. Wrote and told him he should let people know that IF YOU’RE CAFFEINE SENSITIVE, YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE THE RASPBERRY KETONES that’s been pushed for months. Anyway, I’ve searched his websites yesterday (airing date), plus today, the day after, and only thing that comes up under the FREE MEGA RED KRILL OIL, is the Mega Red Krill Oil website, pushing it to you for $16.00/bottle. THIS APPEARS TO BE A GIANT “H O A X!!!!!!”

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