Dr Oz Free Pedometer Giveaway & 4 Secrets to Lose 40 Pounds


Dr Oz 4 Secrets to Lose 40 Pounds

Do you want to be 40 lbs thinner by spring?  In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Weight Watcher’s Leader, Liz Josefberg, to demonstrate 4 secrets to help you lose 40 lbs.  Plus, Doctor Oz is giving away Free Pedometers!  Liz also showed viewers the 4 secrets to tackle your biggest weight loss hurdles as you age.


  1. Towanda M Allen says

    Love ya Dr. OZ just sharing with a lady the power of sage and the health benfits!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Stay prayerfuul, BE positive & keep it mooving!!!!

    Towanda M Allen

  2. says

    When I go to the website for the daily contests or giveaways, I often get into a loop of going from one page to the next and back to the original, but never get a chance to actually sign up! I LOVE Dr. Oz! I watch him twice a day and have stacks of notebooks full of notes to remember all I’ve learned from him, but this website really frustrates me! I wish it could be made easier to use somehow… Thanks, Dr. Oz, for ALL

  3. Elsa Lecke says

    I am signed up for email and cannot figure how to get a chance for the pedometer also tried to get recipe for W W vegi soup and couldn’t….Thanks Dr. Oz for all your great info.

  4. says

    I am also signed up for emails, and cannot figure how to get a chance for th pedometer also…. and again, tried t get he recipe for the W W Vegi soup and couldn’t Also…..I would be great if you could help with this… thanks ahead of time… Hopefully this is rectified so others can attempt to get a pedometer also.. Could use it….

  5. says

    Please tell us how to join to get the free pedometer and the recipe of W W veg soup… could not access either…would appreciate both.. thanks

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