Dr Oz Free Pedometer Giveaway & 4 Secrets to Lose 40 Pounds

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Dr Oz Free Pedometer Giveaway & 4 Secrets to Lose 40 Pounds

By on November 7, 2011

Dr Oz 4 Secrets to Lose 40 Pounds

Do you want to be 40 lbs thinner by spring?  In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Weight Watcher’s Leader, Liz Josefberg, to demonstrate 4 secrets to help you lose 40 lbs.  Plus, Doctor Oz is giving away Free Pedometers!  Liz also showed viewers the 4 secrets to tackle your biggest weight loss hurdles as you age.

Dr Oz went out to the audience and spoke to audience member, Aida, who stated that the weight was easy to put on but much harder to take off.  Aida (along with every other woman on the planet) felt it was unfair.  Aida’s friends, the ones that never gained weight, had always noticed her extra pounds and commented on it.  Another audience member, Audrey, stated that she kept putting in so much effort to lose weight but never saw a change on the scale or in the mirror.  Jennifer, another audience member, stated that if she lost 40 lbs, she would feel much sexier and more comfortable in her skin.

Dr Oz says that in order to win the weight loss race, you should lose about 2 to 2.5 lbs. per week.  If you do the math, this will make you approximately 40 lbs thinner by the spring.  Slow, healthy weight loss is the best way to go if you want to sustain your weight loss.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Hurdles As You Age

Here are the weight loss hurdles that we face:

Dr Oz: Metabolism Slows Down

1. Metabolism Slows Down.  You are hungrier due to hormones.  According to Patty, an audience member, it took her forever to lose weight but no time to gain it.  (I’ve heard this one before.)  Dr Oz says that as a woman ages, she will lose 5 percent of her metabolism per decade.  If you eat the same foods at 40 years of age as you did when you were 25, you will gain weight.  (No more midnight pizza runs after those parties, ladies!)

The average woman is 5 feet 4 inches and weighed 165 lbs.  At age 20, you’ll burn 1572 calories.  At age 30, you burn 1525 calories.  At age 40, you only burn 1478 calories.  (Should I go on?!)  At age 50, you burn 1431 calories and at age 60, you burn 1384 calories.  This is what happens as you get older.  This translates into 20 lbs per year if you don’t find ways to ration it down.

Dr Oz: Triple Power Meals

First Secret: Triple Power Meals.  Liz says to eat smart.  For the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan, you should eat a diet higher in fiber, water, and lean proteins.  In other words, get more bang for your buck during your meal. Incorporate low-fat dairy and whole grains into your diet, too.


Breakfast – English muffin (you can use butter but not too much) Dr Oz Free Pedometer
Lunch – low-fat cheese, tortilla, and veggies
Dinner – brown rice, grilled chicken, low-fat cheese, salsa

Liz and Dr Oz agreed that you can eat as many veggies as you like.  (Yes, that last sentence says veggies and not cheesecakes!)

Dr Oz: Souper Size Your Day

2. You’re Hungrier Due To Your Hormones.  Lisa, an audience member, ranked her hunger a 10 on a daily basis.  (Lisa’s doing well.  Mine is at least a fourteen!)

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup Recipe

Second Secret: Stay full.  Liz says to automate your hunger with meals that support the system.  “Souper” Size Your Day.  According to Liz and Weight Watchers, start your meals with a secret weapon – veggie soup.  Heat up a serving of soup, which is high in fiber and, coincidentally, 0 points on the Weight Watcher’s Point Plus System.  Dr Oz says that if you start off with soup, you’ll eat 30 percent less.

You should also “freeze” your hunger and eat frozen fruit kabobs.  Frozen fruit kabobs take longer for you to eat and the fruit is loaded with fiber that will help keep you full.

Dr Oz: Tennis Ball Workout

3. Loss Of Muscle Mass.  Zelda, an audience member, came up to the stage and stated that the only workout she got was going up and down the escalator.  She had been meaning to join a gym but hasn’t yet.  (Hey, that was my excuse!)  Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of muscle mass due to aging.  According to Liz, the key to reversing loss of muscle mass is to build lean muscle by doing something you love such as yoga or walking.  This way you won’t tire of it and become bored.

30 Minute Muscle Savers:

– Tennis ball workout.  Lift one leg up, pass the ball underneath the leg.  Lift the other leg up and pass the ball underneath.  Do this back and forth for 10 minutes.  Next, do 50 squats picking up and putting down the ball.  Do that for 30 minutes a day for 5 times a week to build muscle mass.

– Jump rope routine.  Jump rope for 2 minutes, no break.  Next, hold rope in one hand and make a figure eight for 2 minutes, repeat 3 times.  Do this with the other hand.  Do this for 5 days a week to help build muscle mass.

Dr Oz: Free Pedometers

Dr Oz announced that Zappos will give away 5000 pedometers today!  Hurry and join the Transformation Nation and to receive your free pedometer.

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  1. Towanda M Allen says:

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    Towanda M Allen

  2. When I go to the website for the daily contests or giveaways, I often get into a loop of going from one page to the next and back to the original, but never get a chance to actually sign up! I LOVE Dr. Oz! I watch him twice a day and have stacks of notebooks full of notes to remember all I’ve learned from him, but this website really frustrates me! I wish it could be made easier to use somehow… Thanks, Dr. Oz, for ALL

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