Dr Oz: Free Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers Giveaway: Sneaky Fat Workout

By on November 1, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment with Stepp Stewart on how to get rid of Sneaky Fat, as part of the Dr Oz Watch & Win Hour.  Doctor Oz and Stepp did a Sneaky Fat Workout, and as usual I will do my best to describe how to do the steps (one of my more difficult tasks!).  Plus, in this segment Dr Oz did a Free Skechers Sneaker Giveaway, which I will write details about at the end for how you can also get a pair of Free Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers!  And I am proud to announce that we (Dr Oz Fans) have partnered with quite a few fabulous companies and have launched our new sister site, Opinion Queen, that will focus on doing tons of great product reviews, as well as free giveaways of the products reviewed.  You can sign-up for our latest free giveaway of an Emile HenryPizza Stone or our free give-away of 100% organic lollipops here: Organic Lollipop Giveaway.  There are many more free giveaways that will be posted soon! Dr Oz Free Skecher Shape-Up Sneaker Giveaway

Dr Oz & Stepp Stewart’s Sneaky Fat Workout

1.  Chainsaw Move – put one arm up diagonally and move your other arm parallel to your arm like you are trying to start a chainsaw.  Switch sides and repeat.  Then step from foot to foot while punching down in front of your body, and then punch down behind your body.

2.  Brush It, Dust It – Sweep your right shoulder off with one hand, then sweep your left shoulder off with the other hand.  Then dust your right shoulder twice and your left shoulder twice.

3.  Four Corners – gyrate your hips in a circular motion, making sure that your hips touch all “four corners” and then skip / shuffle around in a circle.

How does Stepp Stewart make this Sneaky Fat Workout look so good???

Dr Oz Skecher Shape-Ups Sneaker Giveaway

Tomorrow, starting at 3 pm EST, the first 800 people to go here will win a free pair of Skecher Shape-Up Sneakers… I really hope that all of us win!  And do not forget to sign-up at our new sister to win free 100% organic lollipops here: Organic Lollipop Giveaway and the pizza stone here: Emile Henry Pizza Stone Giveaway

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Comments to Dr Oz: Free Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers Giveaway: Sneaky Fat Workout

  1. doris asencio says:

    i love your show

  2. doris asencio says:

    the show is (tremendo) awesome

  3. The show keeps me educated

  4. Brenda M. Wall says:

    Love your show, keeps me on top of things.

  5. My Wife & I learn a lot watching your show we love it.

  6. i had a blood test done could you help me with the results…..colesteral..*H221…..LDH.*H354…..LDL-CHOL .(CALC).*H…141…..GLUCOSE-SERUM *H…112.GGTP.*H…..38. (URINALYISIS.)…..*…OCCULT . BL ……*H….1+…..RBC*H…..3-5

  7. Debbie, I wish I could interpret those results for you, but I am not a doctor so I cannot offer medical advise. What did your doctor say regarding the numbers? Here is a link to some stats that Dr Oz gave on his show one time about various health test levels: Stats For Health

  8. Carmen banks says:

    I am logged in to your site for a *free* pair of Sketcher Shape-ups. I love, love, love your show, and am entertained and learn a LOT!

  9. I have spinal stenosis; I would benefit from a free pair of “Skechers Shape-Ups” since I have limited resources.

  10. Lydia Behrick says:

    I watch your show everyday when I’m home if I’m not home I recorded it and watch it plus I take notes.I had cancer back in 2002 when I had son and my daughter was 3 so my outlook on life is alot different.Plus I’ve lost weight also.The Dr.Oz show has helped me alot in my life.

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