Dr Oz: Free Spoonk Mat Giveaway & Purely Products CFL Light Bulbs

Dr Oz: Spoonk Mat Giveaway

Looking for more remedies? Not a problem. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Alternative Medicine Guru, Bryce Wylde, to give you solutions to increase your body’s immunity along with other remedies to boost serotonin and relieve stress, such as Purely Products CFL Light Bulbs, Himalayan Salt Inhalers with Flugon Essential Oils and Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator. Read on to find out how to win one of these incredible gadgets like the Spoonk Acupressure Mat.  De-Stress ProductsSleep RemediesEnergy Boosters and Anti-Aging Products.

Dr Oz Spoonk Acupressure Mat

Dr Oz spoke about the Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator and the Spoonk Acupressure Mat.

Dr Oz: Himalayan Salt Inhaler with Flugon Essential Oil

Himalayan Salt Inhaler with Flugon essential oil is used as a salt inhaler for an immunity booster. Studies show that salt draws moisture. Because of the nutrients, your body’s immunity will be increased when inhaled. Upgrade the salt inhaler by using flugon oil. Bryce suggested inhaling through the mouth and out through nose. You can buy the Himalayan Salt Inhaler here: Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler. And Dr Oz mentioned previously that the Himalayan Salt Inhaler is great for people with asthma or allergies.

Dr Oz: Purely Products CFL Light Bulb Review

Studies show that negative ion generators boost your mood because they balance the positive and negative charges to affect serotonin levels. The Purely Products CFL Light Bulb “grabs” onto allergens and toxins in the air and “throws” them on the ground. Replace your regular light bulbs with this bulb and watch your mood increase. Bryce said this product may also help immune functions as well. You can purchase these light bulbs at a discount here: Purely Products Healthy CFLs.

Dr Oz: Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator

This is like the Neti pot on steroids. The Waterpik gives you mild pulsating for sinus relief. This battery-operated gadget fits perfectly into your nostril and does the work for you. There is no BPA in the plastic and it’s dishwater safe. You can buy this advanced neti pot at a discount here: Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator and read a great review of the product here: Waterpik Sinusense Reviews.

Dr Oz: Spoonk Mat

To relieve pain, acupressure works well and has been used in India by Yogis for centuries. The Spoonk Mat contains spikes that stimulate the body’s acupuncture points and releases cortisol. You can purchase this acupressure mat at the following link: Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat.  This sounds similar to the Halsa Acupressure Mat that Dr Oz spoke about on a previous show.

Dr Oz: St Martin Vacation Giveaway

For a chance to get your FREE Spoonk Mat, visit doctoroz.com.

To be eligible for your St Martin vacation, collect all of the letters at the end of each article below, unscramble the word and head over to doctoroz.com. The third letter to collect is “A”.


  1. arlilia thomas says

    how do i get my free gifts? this is my first time getting on line

  2. says

    I watch Dr. Oz frequently and love him . I am 90 years young and am as active as anyone else. The mat shown on today’s show is what I would dearly like ro have. Do I srand a chance to get one???? The word “relax” was easy for me. Keep up the good work, Dr. Oz.

  3. Mary Porche' says

    I would like to know how to signup for the free gifts, also. Please help. I am a long time viewer of the show and this is the time i am signing up. thank you, send comments via e-mail.

  4. susan says

    How do I get my free give away Products offered on May 1,2012. They would be helpful for me.
    Thank You.

  5. JoAnne Burkhart says

    How do I get my gifts offerd on your may1st show 2012,Thank You.

  6. Kathryn says

    How do I sign up for your free give away products offered today. My daughter has a rare type of breast cancer (metaplastic, triple negative) that she is aggressively fighting using alternative methods from the Kushi Institute and other methods from her alternative care Doctor, in addition to traditional methods, mastectomy and chemo. She is also still working her full-time job when she is able and is lovingly caring for her 7-year old daughter (our pride and joy) ensuring her daughter’s life above all must be normal at all costs.

  7. Marcy Bartlett says

    Thank You for offering your audience free merchandise on your May 1, 2012 show. I would love to be a person who received your offers.
    Thank you,
    Marcy Bartlett
    Word Scramble Word: RELAX

  8. says

    I, too, would like to try out for these “too good to be true” products.
    The spoonk mat and purely products cfl light bulbs would be wonderful but all products
    recommended by Dr. Oz are efficient and none are addictive. This wise and learned man
    recommends safe medicine and, more important, has broken a barrier teaching patients how
    to ask their doctor important questions they were too shy to air. I would like to win, but am
    very grateful for everything I have learned and enjoyed as the doctor is blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. I envy people who have the pleasure of meeting him, but am grateful to watch him on the air. Many thanks. Terry Dussek

    their doctor very important questions they were too shy to air.

  9. cyndi bober says

    I watch the show faithfully everyday i can and appreciate all the info that is given on health and skincare, diet all of it. I would really love to get the products on the show today 05-01-12 to try out , the word is relax!!! Thank you for a great show!!!

  10. joseph amedeo says

    The word is Relax I would like you to enter me in the contest………. I would also LOVE for you to send me that relax mat.. Thank you

  11. joseph amedeo says

    As a man of the house, I very much enjoy your show…..I also have a fabulous idea for a spin off od Dr. Oz… Believe me, it will catch a lot of viewers… My Phone number is: 732 920 2653
    I hope someone will contact me….I have not told anyone about this idea.

  12. says

    As you can see from the above comments, getting to enter into the May 2-9th promotional giveaway was a headache. I went to the dr oz website but could not find the entry form needed to complete the steps requested. Please make finding these forms easier for any future promotions. Thank you,

    Rob Patino

  13. says

    I would like to receive my free gifts from Dr. Oz. I am a faithful watcher of the show. I have got some great information toe enhance my health. So please help me to get my gifts. I believe the word is relax. Something we all need in our lives.

  14. Carla Long says

    I enjoy your show every day.I would l;ike to receive the free gifts. the word is Relax.
    Thanks Carla

  15. Wieda Haynes says

    I am watching every day if I can your show and I would like to win one of the CFL Light Bulbs from Purely Products.
    I love your show and I am also learning from you so many thinks that I did not know.
    God bless you and thanks for all your work.

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