Dr Oz: Free T-Shirt Transformation Nation


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Step 2

It’s here!  Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation!  If you have been following along, you’ve taken the first step and signed up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation and for a chance to win One Million Dollars!  In less than a month, 250,000 people have joined the call to transform their health and body.  If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late to begin taking control of your weight.

Dr Oz: Sharecare

Step 2 is to connect with your doctor.  Partners at Sharecare are on call to help bring doctors, nurses, trainers, and pharmacists to one location to connect with you.  Dr Oz started Sharecare with the founder of WebMD to bring you unprecedented access to a virtual team of top medical professionals.


  1. annie says

    I would love to get a free Dr Oz T-shirt. I have an appointment with my Dr next month. I am a bit timid about seeing him, because I’m not sure if he’s really listening. That’s how I felt last january anyway.

  2. Florence says

    A Dr. Oz Free T-Shirt would be fantastic and I would be proud to wear it. I have multiple medical problems and need to see several doctors. They never seem to give a full check-up and this really concerns me as I really need to be very careful. Your information on question to ask your doctor are very helpful. My problem is that I have asked these questions to them before and they don´t answer them! Would you have any comment as to why?

  3. bobby ramos says

    I would love to have a free Dr. Oz T-shirt, I watch your show all most every day if i miss it than i go to laptop to get up date.thank’s hope to hear from you soon.
    bob ramos. I follow your advice about garlic, ginger,corianda, cummin n orther thing’s veg, brown rice salmon spinich n so so, I HAVE BEEN DOEN THIS FOR MANY MANY YR’S I am 70yr;s old I DO my WORK OUT 3 to 4 day’s A week summer mth’s I PLAY GOLF 3 TO 5 A WEEK. THANK’S FOR YOUR ADVICE, IT KEEP’S ME ON MY TOE .

  4. annie says

    Bobby, Good for you! Keep up the great work! I am trying to get more active and eat healthier.
    One day at a time! God bless you!

  5. says

    Having several medical issues and two drs that follow me ritually. One every 3 months and the other every 6 months, keep me on top of things that matter. I’d be proud to wear the transformation nation shirt

  6. says

    Having several medical issues and different doctors following them, keeps me on top of things that are important to me. One doctor I see ritually every 3 months and I see the other doctor every 6 months. I would be proud to wear the transformation nation t shirt

  7. Judith Draper says

    Really wanted a Dr. Oz t shirt to wear to my doctor’s office. He is also a cardiologist.

    I saw Dr. Oz once because I used to work where he does. Love him!

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