Dr Oz: Free Tape Measure for Transformation Nation from Zappos


Dr Oz: Free Tape Measure from Zappos

In only 3 months, Transformation Nation has become a juggernaut, with ½ million people signed up. If you’re not one of them, get on board today. Sign up and receive your 7 Simple Steps.

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation 7 Steps

Step 1 Tell a friend Dr Oz Free Measuring Tape
Step 2 Connect with a doctor
Step 3 Learn family history
Step 4 Get more sleep
Step 5 Cut stress
Step 6 Get in shape
Step 7 Transform your health

Dr Oz: Family History Transformation Nation

Step 3— For the gift that keeps on giving, learn your family history this year. Dr Oz used the studio audience to demonstrate why this step was so important. Dr Oz asked the all audience members to stand up. For those audience members who have heart disease or has a family member with heart disease, sit down. Dr Oz then asked those that have a history of cancer and diabetes to sit down. At this point, most of the audience was seated, indicating that they had a family history of some type of a disease.


  1. Louise Lariviere says

    Why can’t we Canadians profit from Dr. Oz’s giveaways? We tune into his show everyday!
    I sure would like to lose a few pounds before I ring in the new year to start off 2012 on the right foot.

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