Dr Oz: French Maritime Pine Bark for Alzheimers Disease & Memory Loss

By on June 1, 2011

Dr Oz: Maritime Pine Bark for Memory Loss

Dr Oz did a show on the 5 Biggest Health Mistakes Women Make, where he spoke about major warning signs for medical conditions like Diabetes, Alzheimers Disease, High Blood Pressure, Breast Cancer and Heart Attacks.  Doctor Oz said that every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.  As you get older you may notice that you walk into a room and then completely forget why you went there.  But how can you tell the difference between Alzheimers Disease and Age Related Memory Loss?  Dr Oz went over key differences, an Alzheimers Disease Scent Test and even supplements to help protect against Memory Loss such as Algae Oil Supplements and French Maritime Pine Bark.

Dr Oz: Memory Loss vs Alzheimers Disease

Dr Oz went over the difference between Age Related Memory Loss and Alzheimers Disease.  In a normal Dr Oz Memory Losshealthy person, when you form a memory, the brain cells pass the memory along neurons to the Hippocampus where your memories are stored.  But as you age, neurons start to drop off so it can take longer to pass the memory along and to retrieve it.  However, eventually you remember the memory.  With Alzheimers Disease, the neuron gets cut altogether, so you completely lose the memory and can never retrieve it again.

Dr Oz: Alzheimers Disease Scent Test

Dr Oz said that one of the first parts of your brain to be effected by Alzheimers Disease is your sense of smell.  You can do a quick Alzheimers Disease Scent Test in your house by gathering the following 12 items, sit down, have someone blindfold you, and see if you can identify each of the scents.  You should be able to get most of them correct.

1.  Cherry

2.  Rose

3.  Smoke

4.  Leather

5.  Peppermint

6.  Lilac

7.  Pineapple

8. Strawberry

9.  Soap

10. Clove

11.  Lemon

12.  Natural Gas

Dr Oz: Algae Oil & French Maritime Pine Bark

Dr Oz said that Omega 3 Fats are some of the best things to help protect your memory.  Try one of the following:

– Algae Oil, 350 mg a day

– Salmon several times a week

– Omega 3 Supplements

– French Maritime Pine Bark, 150 mg a day

Doctor Oz said that French Maritime Pine Bark has antioxidants that prevents damage to your brain cells.  It was first used by Hippocrates as an ancient treatment for Memory Loss, but sounds like it should be making a major comeback!  Have you ever taken French Maritime Pine Bark?  If so, did you notice a difference?  Please leave your comments in the section below!

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Comments to Dr Oz: French Maritime Pine Bark for Alzheimers Disease & Memory Loss

  1. khalilm says:

    we can notice Dr.oz,s suggestions and orders moretimes and use them in our lifes for the health care.

  2. Yes,

    French Maritime Pine Bark called Pycnogenol is available in an isotonic solution boasting 90 to 95% absorption rates and is available for Physicians to carry in their practice through i-medicalsolutions.com works great for many inflammation related issues and free radical damage concerns in the body! I love this supplement for allergies, asthma, vein support, blood sugar support, and anti-aging as well.

    Heather C Montgomery, CNC, CTLC

  3. Bernice Ambriz/Gonzalez says:

    I’m excited to share this information with my dad and his doctor and hopefully get the “ok” to get him started on this supplement. Thank you for the valuable news!

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