Dr Oz: Frizzy Hair Banana & Avocado Home Remedy

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Dr Oz: Frizzy Hair Banana & Avocado Home Remedy

By on July 7, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment called Beauty on a Buck with great home remedies.  Since people spend $400 a year on health and beauty products, I know that all of us will enjoy these natural home remediesBanana & Avocado Hair Mask Home Remedy

Banana & Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

So after reading about everyone’s experience with Dr Oz’s Mashed Banana Hair Mask, I am a bit skeptical of trying this home remedy personally.  But if you do try it, please make sure to follow everyone’s advice from the banana hair mask article – mash the bananas completely so there are no chunks (with a blender preferably).  And let me know if you like the Banana & Avocado Hair Mask more… perhaps the avocado will add some extra fats to make the banana come out of your hair easier.

1.  Mash a banana and an avocado well in a blender, so there are no chunks.

2.  Put the mash through your hair.

3.  Cover your head with a shower cap.

4.  Relax for a while and then rinse off the hair mask.

The potassium in the bananas and the healthy fatty acids in the avocado will help frizzy  hair to heal the cuticle (the outer core of your hair) which can get damaged, and fray, causing frizzy hair.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Frizzy Hair Banana & Avocado Home Remedy

  1. Dont do it says:

    Don’t do it. It is impossible to get the bananas out and it does nothing to your hair in fact I think mine is worse off now. Not to mention it clogged my shower drain. Definitely don’t waste your time, if you do make sure to buy a ton of conditioner and some liquid plumber. Really Dr. OZ… this suggestion sucked,


    Wow.. I was just going to come online to let everyone know not to do this and as I already see, someone beat me to it. I wish I had read that comment before I did it… I have just spent the past hour trying to get it out of my hair and I can’t… seriously.. spent the extra money and just buy a hair conditioning product at the store. I had the same experience as the other person

  3. Stormybleu says:

    This is messy, but the thing to realized is you must use a mixer or blender. it has to be smooth. Once you have it smooth and apply to your hair, you really shouldn’t have a problem. For me, I think the whole idea is to use natural items instead of store brought products that have so many other things in them. Its about how natural you want to be..but as you see this is not for everyone.

  4. I tried this tonight on my hair. I have natural kinky/curly hair and it provided great conditioning benefits. My hair felt soft and smooth after sitting under a hooded dryer with it on my hair. I also added a little honey to the recipe. Next time I will make sure to blend the ingredients really well. You just have to do a whole lot of rinsing and brushing with a shower comb or brush to get the bits of fruit out if you don’t mash everything up well enough.

  5. Why are folks using whole bananas?! Use baby food! The bananas are already purred for you-no chunks and bits. You can even buy organic banana baby food.

  6. Natalia says:

    Use a freaking blender. You wnt hve chunks on youre hair.

  7. Valerie says:

    Natalia, you’re loud and wrong. Using a blender may help if we’re making a post workout smoothie to drink but for many people, especially those with curly hair there will still be bits of banana left in the hair, no matter how much its blended.

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