Dr Oz: Frown Lines & Liquid Rhinoplasty No-Surgery Nose Job


Dr Oz: Liquid Rhinoplasty & Frown Lines

Dr Oz’s Show on 5 Cutting Edge Fixes for Facial Flaws started with a segment on how to fix Acne Scars, Raccoon Eyes and how to shape your eyebrows (click here to read about these three procedures: Dr Oz Face Flaws).  Then Doctor Oz brought Dr Mathew Avram and Dr Keri Colen to demonstrate two more non-surgical procedures: a Frown Line Restylane Treatment and a Liquid Rhinoplasty, Non-Surgical Nose Job!

Dr Oz: Frown Line Fix with Restylane

Dr Oz’s first guest was Debbie, a 52-year-old lady who wanted to fix her Anger Frown Lines.  She said that she used to look happy and was even inDr Oz Nose Bump Injection beauty pageants, but now her Frown Lines are very defined and she wants to remove the angry look from her face.  Dr Mathew Avram said that as we age, we lose volume in our skin and our face loses its structure.  This Frown Fix is something that cannot be done with Botox or Lasers, but again, it uses Restylane which is mainly Hyaluronic Acid.  The Frown Line Procedure lasts 9-12 months and there is no recovery time, which is always very nice.

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