Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt: A Healthy Diet Option for a Sweet Tooth?


Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt – The Skinny

Doctor Oz pulled up 3 audience members who had questions about their favorite sweet treat, frozen yogurt.

Margie from the audience:
Q: If frozen yogurt is fat free, can I eat as much as I want?

A: No! (I know. I was hurt by that answer too!)  Dr Oz said that even though it may be low in fat, low in sugar, or any of those other packaging buzz labels, it’s a trick.  It still has calories.  Skip the big tub and stick with the ½ c serving size.



  1. Georgie says

    I can’t seem to acquire a taste for yogurt. I am 77,diabetic and several other chronic.
    I live in Calgary
    We have a health store near me and I couldn’t find the jobojah
    oil for dry skin so went in. Now they have a special spot on what
    you recommend cuz I said I listened to your show. and informed them about
    slippery elm which the clerk was going to try. It also was recommended for
    my Basset Hound.

    Keep up good work

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