Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt: A Healthy Diet Option for a Sweet Tooth?

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Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt: A Healthy Diet Option for a Sweet Tooth?

By on October 7, 2011

Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt – The Skinny

Doctor Oz pulled up 3 audience members who had questions about their favorite sweet treat, frozen yogurt.

Margie from the audience:
Q: If frozen yogurt is fat free, can I eat as much as I want?

A: No! (I know. I was hurt by that answer too!)  Dr Oz said that even though it may be low in fat, low in sugar, or any of those other packaging buzz labels, it’s a trick.  It still has calories.  Skip the big tub and stick with the ½ c serving size.

Susanna from the audience:
Q: Can I use toppings and still stay healthy?

A: Yes! (Hooray!)  However, according to Dr Oz, there is one caveat: be wary of Dr Oz Frozen Yogurt Recipeliquid or syrup filled toppings.  Those toppings tend to contain a lot more sugar.  One suggestion is to use almonds as a topping.  Almonds are rich in fiber and protein.

Jennifer from the audience:
Q: If I’m busy, is it okay to skip lunch and pick up frozen yogurt instead?

A: No.  The reason is that your body needs “real” food.  If you only eat yogurt, chances are you will still be hungry and end up snacking for the rest of the day.  For a better option, try a wrap with veggies and turkey.

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