Dr Oz: Gall Stone Prevention Checklist & Gall Bladder Tips


Dr Oz spoke about one of the smallest organs in our body – the Gallbladder, which can cause horrible pain if you get Gall Bladder Stones.  My doctor thought I had Gall Stones one time, because I was in terrible pain, but it turned out to not be Gall Stones, and in fact, they never did figure out what was wrong with me!  But this hit close to home anyway. Dr Oz Gall Bladder & Gall Stones

Where is the Gall Bladder?

Doctor Oz showed how the Gall Bladder is connected to the liver and is a very small organ that looks like a bag.  The Gall Bladder holds a green liquid called bile, which shoots out when you have a fatty meal.  If you get Gall Stones, they can accumulate and get stuck in your Gall Bladder.  Dr Oz did not look so concerned about big Gall Stones, since they cannot really move anywhere and get stuck, but the small Gall Stones can accumulate and lodge themselves in, causing the Gall Bladder to get inflamed.

Dr Oz: Gall Stone Self Test

Dr Oz said one sign of Gall Stones is if you get pain soon after having a fatty meal.  He showed how to do a Gall Stone Self Test by slouching backwards and putting your hand under your right rib cage.  Press down and take a deep breathe in.  You can feel your gall bladder when you do this, but if you have Gall Stones, then you won’t be able to do this.

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal

Dr Oz did a demo to show how doctors can now do a much less invasive Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal operation by just making three small holes for tools.  Dr Oz said that with this operation, you can get out of the hospital in one day.

Dr Oz: Gall Stone Prevention Checklist

1.  Maintain a Healthy Weight – no yo-yo dieting!


  1. Dottie Brown says

    Will bile shoot out if you don’t eat fatty meals. Eat poached salmon and lots of different kinds
    of fish, is that considered “fatty” meals. Did a liver, gallbladder, bile duct cleanse under the
    supervision of my natural meds dr.

  2. says

    Liver, Gall Bladder, Bile Duct Cleaner #2 under the supervision of my natural dr. I do a lot of preliminary preparation before actually doing the cleanse. It takes to days to do. Uses epsom salts ,grapefruit juice and oilve oil. It works very well for me, as I expell a number of stones and
    lots of cholesterol chaff. I have done this cleanse at least twice a year. In the spring mostly and then in fall before I leave for Florida.

  3. says

    I’ve been searching all over the place for a natural gallbladder cleanse for my mother who has been suffering for quite some time now. I found an all natural cleansing product online called Cleanse Caps and at first I was a bit weary, but after 2 weeks my mother saw a major reduction in attacks and is starting to get her life back. I highly recommend trying this product to anyone suffering from gallstones and wants to avoid surgery. You can visit their website here at http://www.cleansecaps.com.

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