Dr. Oz: Garlic Cloves for Ear Infections & Earaches

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Dr. Oz: Garlic Cloves for Ear Infections & Earaches

By on February 2, 2010

Dr. Oz mentioned previously that hydrogen peroxide is a great home remedy for killing ear infections, but Elizabeth (a guest on Dr. Oz’s show) said that garlic is her secret to curing ear infections and earaches.

Dr. Oz agreed and said that his wife does a similar treatment when anyone in his home gets an ear infection, but she puts the garlic in olive oil first.  This works because of the amazing anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties found in a head of garlic.

Here is the garlic clove home remedy for ear infections and earaches:

1.  Remove a clove of garlic from a fresh head of garlic.
2.  Place the clove of garlic in the ear that hurts or is infected.
3.  Place a band-aid over the opening of your ear to make sure the garlic clove stays in your ear.
4.  Go to sleep and when you wake-up, your earache or ear infection will be cured!
5.  Make sure to remove the garlic clove and band-aid in the morning.

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Garlic Cloves for Ear Infections & Earaches

  1. Please advise people not to push the garlic into the canal of their ear. I had a patient today that had a garlic clove stuck in her ear. Her original ear pain was due to impacted wax in her ear.

  2. […] the healing properties of garlic from the outside! Apparently, even Dr. Oz recommend this method, HERE. Cook with it:-You can cook with garlic all kinds of ways! Put it in rice, with baked chicken, mix […]

  3. I tried the garlic last night, and it didn’t help me. My ear still hurts horribly. :(

  4. Matt Coleman says:

    Should the clove be peeled first or the end of the clove be cut to expose the garlic juice before placing it in the ear? I tried this for an ear infecion a year ago, and it cleared up after a few days. I have a new ear infection and I am now crushing a fresh clove of garlic in a sandwhich bag,dunking a Q tip into the juice, and then swabbing the ear canal. Waiting to see if it works.

  5. Today I had a mild earache – I have residual scar tissue in that ear I have been told, from when I once had a severe ear infection. They generally start with some combination of congestion, swimmer’s ear (despite wearing ear plugs) and barometric pressured weather. At any rate, I took one half a garlic clove and tied it in a small piece of gauze. I inserted it partially into the ear canal, but not too far in, leaving the gauze as a pull for when I removed it. I left it in there for two hours and removed it. Earache gone! A little stinky garlic smell, but so worth it.

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