Dr Oz: Garlic Edamame, Niacin, Psyllim Lower Cholesterol Naturally

By on February 29, 2012

Dr Oz: How To Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Want to know how to lower your cholesterol? Did you know that certain foods like almonds and oatmeal, can help reduce cholesterol levels? If you didn’t, that’s okay. That’s what Dr Oz is here for. On today’s show, Dr Oz gave all natural solutions to lower cholesterol to reduce your risk of heart disease.  Doctor Oz also recently spoke about how Rice Bran Oil can help reduce the amount of cholesterol that your body absorbs.  You should also checkout what The Doctors said about Coconut Oil reducing cholesterol levels.

Pamela, an audience member told Dr Oz that she had high cholesterol. A few years ago, her cholesterol levels read 220 and today, she was down to 215 but she still needed help. (For those that don’t know too much about cholesterol levels, both of Pamela’s numbers are not good!) Some foods that help you lower cholesterol include:

Garlic Edamame Lowers Cholesterol

-garlic powder

Dr Oz Garlic Edamame Recipe

Dr Oz said that Garlic Edamame helps lower cholesterol naturally.

-helps reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol

Dr Oz: Niacin Lowers Cholesterol

-strong in B vitamins
-raises HDL (good cholesterol)
-take 500 mg to 2 g per day
-always check with a doctor before taking

Dr Oz: Psyllium Lowers Cholesterol

-psyllium is contained in Metamucil
-has the highest amount of fiber
-Take 3 doses of Metamucil per day with 8 oz of water. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

When you drink Metamucil, it forms a thick gel inside your bowels. (Believe it or not, this is what you want.) When we eat foods high in cholesterol, the cholesterol moves into the bowel with the Metamucil (Psyllium). As your body processes the cholesterol, it gets sucked out. As the concoction in your bowels get thicker, you have to go to the bathroom to release it out (poop). The concoction should come out slushy. This is the result of the Metamucil trapping cholesterol and sucking it out of the body, therefore your body does not absorb it.

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  1. Hello Dr. Oz …. I’m very concerned about my cholestrol because at last blood check, it wuz 300. I am not currently on lipitor, because that stuff scares me. However, I am going to go buy some Metamucil and drink 3 glass of it per day to see how that will work for me. Thank You for talking about this and sharing this important information with the public. Warmest Regards, Julie

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