Dr Oz: Garlic Zoom, Cyber Clean Putty & Freezable Toe Stretchers: $10

Dr Oz’s Prevention Power Hour included a segment called Prevention For Under $10 with Frances Largeman-Roth RD, Editor of Health Magazine.  Largeman-Roth gave Doctor Oz 5 great gadgets that are all under $10, small enough that we all have space for them, and most importantly – they all help with a serious health issue that all of us worry about.

Dr Oz: Garlic Zoom

Dr Oz said that garlic prevents high cholesterol.  The Garlic Zoom costs $8.99 online and by eating garlic you reduce LDL Cholesterol and do not have to stink-up your kitchen or your Dr Oz $10 Prevention Productshands.  You just put in peeled garlic cloves and roll the device on your kitchen counter-top to get perfectly minced garlic.  There are very sharp blades inside that chop up the garlic, so as long as your kids are old enough to know not to open up the Garlic Zoom, this is a great tool for getting kids involved in the kitchen.  After you are done, just rinse the Garlic Zoom and you are ready for next time.  Dr Oz said that garlic reduces bad cholesterol by 11% by eating just 1 clove of garlic per day.

Dr Oz: Cyber Clean Putty

Dr Oz’s second $10 item is Cyber Clean Putty which prevents the spread of germs.  You can use Cyber Clean Putty to pick up dirt on your keyboard, and since it is a putty, it is great at getting into grooves and cracks.  Cyber Clean Putty is totally safe for electronics and can be used 100 times on toys, steering wheels, cell phones and laptops.  You can find Cyber Clean Putty online for $6.99

Dr Oz: Digital Day Counter

Dr Oz’s third $10 item is a Digital Day Counter that prevents food poisoning.  You can get Digital Day Counters with a magnetic back or a suction backing and you can pop it onto leftovers, pasta, salsa, baby food or even medication.  You just pop on the Digital Day Counter and pull out a plastic thing and it counts the days.  You can use it over and over again and they cost just $5.99.  Dr Oz said that he recommends throwing out food after 4 days.

Dr Oz: Freezable Toe Stretchers

Dr Oz’s fourth $10 item is a pair of Freezable Toe Stretchers that prevent bunions, alleviate foot pain  and are great after a day of wearing high heels.  Dr Oz said that Freezable Toe Stretchers also help to reduce inflammation and stiffness in joints and you can find them for $7.99 – though I have never seen them for that cheap!

Dr Oz: Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

Dr Oz’s fifth $10 item is a Natural Peanut Butter Mixer to help prevent Diabetes.  By eating peanut butter 5 times a week, you can reduce your risk of Diabetes by 20-30%, but natural peanut butter is the way to go because there are no added sugars and chemicals.  People tend to shy away from natural peanut butter because of all of the oil at the top of the jar, so with the Natural Peanut Butter Mixer you just screw it onto your jar and it stirs it up so that you have a perfectly mixed jar of peanut butter without the mess.


  1. Melody Beaumont says

    I am interested in purchasing the freezable toe stretchers that were discussed on your show today (2/16/11) at the price of $7.99. I am curious where you can buy them that cheaply, since the only ones I can find are priced at $25.67. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks and have a great day!

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