Dr Oz: Generic Prescription Drugs, OTC Drugs & Beauty Products


Doctor Oz gave a Consumer Alert on Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs.  When is using a generic cost effective and when can using a generic put your life in danger?  You can find almost anything generic these days from food and cereal to over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs and vitamins.  Dr Oz said that generic prescription drugs can cost 80% less than brand name drugs, and generic prescriptions now account for 70% of all prescriptions.  Generic drugs can vary from their brand name counterparts though, for example, Dr Oz warned that some generic medicines may be released differently in your body.  Generic Prescription Drugs

Generic Prescription Drugs Vs. Brand Name Prescription Drugs

Why do brand name drugs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, and generic medications can be had for 80% less?  The reason is because the brand name companies are the ones who actually paid to do the research, develop the drug, patent the drug, advertise and market for the drug.  Carmen explained to Dr Oz that generic drugs are almost all pure profit because they do not have the cost of advertising or developing the drug.

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