Dr Oz: Gentlemax Laser & Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal System


Dr Oz Hair Removal Treatments

Dr Oz: Hair Removal

Doctor Oz did a segment on Hair Removal Treatments including the Gentlemax Laser and the Tria At-Home Laser Hair Removal System.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Ann Chapas, a dermatologist, and a lady who claims to have very hairy arms and legs.  Dr Oz asked her why is unwanted hair such an emotional issue?  The woman said that she is hairier than most guys and often has to shave multiple times a day.  She has tried waxing, double razors, triple razors and even quad razors.  So what are Dr Oz’s Cutting-Edge Treatments For Your #1 Beauty Complaint?

Dr Oz: Gentlemax Laser Hair Removal

Dr Ann Chapas showed a new laser hair removal system called the Gentlemax Laser, which can be used to remove Dr Oz Laser Hair Removalunwanted hair on your face or your body.  The Gentlemax Laser combines two lasers into one machine so that it can treat dark hair on any skin color, whereas in the past hair removal lasers only worked on fair skin with dark hair.  Chapas told Doctor Oz that the Gentle Max Laser is faster, more efficient, less painful and works on almost anyone.


  1. Jan says

    Your comments on today’s program say that the Tria Hair Removal system costs $395. I can not find it for that price. I Googled it and can find it for $495 only. Where can I find it for $395?

  2. Yolanda says

    The Tria system is actually $495 so some misinformation per Dr Oz show.. I guess there was a coupon for you had to use a week before Xmas to get $100 off, but it is no longer so.. Yep $495 currently is the real price…

  3. Laura Birchmeier says

    I loved the show on the tria laser. But can not find it for $395. That coupon is no longer good. Where can I get it for $395?

  4. Genevieve says

    The new Tria Hair Remover Laser is comming out in a few days for $395. It’s supposed to have advanced technology, faster treatment times and a digital display.

  5. Marla says

    I thought about purchasing the Tria over a year ago, when there was no competition for home laser treatments, and the price was $895. The price has since dropped to $495. The price has never been $395, and I believe the price was misquoted on Dr. Oz.
    As an FYI, The Doctors TV show gave The Tria to the entire audience last year. Would have been nice to be in that audience!!!!!

  6. Terri says

    I just ordered it and when you go to checkout you have to option of selecting the newest version that is just coming out for $395. The previous one is the only one listed on the site at $495 and it is not until you place it in the cart that you get the option for the new one at the lower price.

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