Dr Oz: George Joseph: CEO of The Right Step Hillcountry Drug Rehab

Dr Oz did a segment on the Brad Lamm Drug Intervention of a young man named Jared.  Jared’s family was afraid he would die from a heroine overdose, and so Brad Lamm began to work with the family.  Jared’s mother said that they feel powerless, but Brad Lamm said that love is the best motivation for helping a person to change. Dr Oz The Right Step Jared’s mother prays before she goes to bed every night and asks for her son to be kept safe.  She wakes up at all times of the night, thinking that she heard a noise because she is so scared that the police will come to her home one day and be standing at her door to tell her that Jared has overdosed.  Brad Lamm said that, as it stands right now, the line between life and death is extremely narrow for Jared.  Lamm asked the mother and grandmother what Jared’s death would do to the family (frankly, this is a stupid question as clearly they would be completely devastated).  His family of course said that if Jared died they would never be able to get over it.  Jared said that he is disappointed in himself for going so far down this road, but he is glad he is not in prison or dead yet.  Jared apologized to his mother and grandmother for everything that he did and for not being the best family member, but he hopes he can make them proud some day and that he loves them.  I am not sure if it is because of the drugs or something else, but I did not sense total sincerity in Jared’s apology.

Dr Oz: George Joseph & The Right Step Drug Rehab Center

Brad Lamm said that someone using drugs as long as Jared cannot get out of it on their own, and so he told Jared that he needs professional inpatient care.  George Joseph, the CEO of The Right Step Hillcountry, was on the Dr Oz Show and offered to give Jared counseling to transform his life but he had to be willing to go right away – no negotiations and no delay.  Jared said he was willing to enter the Drug Rehab Center and he left directly from the Dr Oz Show with George Joseph.

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