Dr Oz: Germs in Your Purse

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Dr Oz: Germs in Your Purse

By on September 30, 2011

Dr Oz:  Germs living in your purse and prevention  makeup

In this segment, Dr Oz talked with three women from his audience about their purses and some of the items that they keep in their bags.  So many women take their purse with them everywhere and may not realize that they are carrying around various types and varieties of yeasts and bacteria.

First, Doctor Oz spoke with a woman who keeps aspirin cream in her purse due to her bad back.  She said that her back has been sore since her baby was born and that she takes the cream with her everywhere she goes.  To see what else she may he carrying around on that cream, Dr Oz had her tube of cream sent to his lab to be tested.  The results were stunning.  Dr Oz revealed that he found the same type of yeast that is found in yeast infections.  He also found out that the lining of her purse had staph bacteria, which could lead to flesh eating bacteria.  Dr Oz suggested that she start hanging her purse on a doorknob rather than placing it on the counter top.  Also, he suggested that she periodically use a baby wipe to clean her purse.

Dr Oz then talked with a woman about her make up brush.  He said she needs to stop using the brush because he found enterococci, which infects heart valves and causes urinary tract infection.  He told her to clean her make up brushes from now on by simply using hair shampoo in order to prevent the bacteria from reappearing.

Lastly, Dr Oz spoke with an audience member about her lipstick.  You won’t imagine what was lurking in her lipstick!  Dr Oz said that the culture revealed alcaligenes, which is a bad player that causes pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and other diseases that you would not want in your body.  Dr Oz said that since lipstick has a longer shelf life than other make up, she can protect it with baby wipes.  All we need to do is to take one single baby wipe and roll the lipstick in it in order to prevent the alcaligenes from ever appearing.

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