Dr. Oz: Get In Shape for High School Reunion: Carolynn, Aimee & Tara

By on February 8, 2010

What did you look like in high school? Your high school reunion is the perfect time to be reminded of what changed over the years. Dr. Oz had three women on his show, Carolynn, Aimee and Tara, who all want to lose weight and get in shape for their 20 year high school reunion.

Carolynn was a cheerleader in high school.  So where is she now?  Her weight has gone from 135 pounds to 180 pounds, her dress size has increased from a 6 to a 14, and her waist size has gone up from 27″ to 44″… Dr. Oz gave her a grade of C-

Aimee was a social butterfly in high school.  She always looked forward to going out to any social event, and now she is not comfortable in her own skin or how she looks in any clothes… she would rather stay at home and wear elastic waist sweatpants… sound familiar?  She went from 140 pounds to 212 pounds, a size 8 to size 18 and a 27″ waist to a 40″ waist.  Dr. Oz gave her a grade of D+.

Tara was an athlete in high school… she even had lap band surgery and had lost a lot of weight, but at some point her weight plateaued and now she has regained all of it.  Tara says she really needs to and wants to step up her game.  Since Tara’s high school days, she has gone from 132 pounds to 219 pounds, a dress size of 6 to 14 and a waist of 26″ to 45″.  Dr. Oz graded her with a D-.

Fear not, with Dr. Oz’s tips, we can all get great bodies in time for our high school reunions.   Jeanette Jenkins put together this Back to School Plan for Carolynn, Tara and Aimee… but we should all give it a try!

1.  Tonight’s Dinner, Tomorow’s Lunch – Make a healthy dinner each night, and then pack it as a healthy lunch for the next day.  For example, you could have poached salmon, grilled vegetables and a side of quinoa for dinner.  Then for lunch, take a whole wheat wrap, put in a bit of hummus and lemon, some extra salmon, grilled veggies and quinoa… and you will have a healthy and delicious lunch.  Don’t forget to use reusable lunch bags to help the environment!

2.  Gym Class – Working out should be fun, so find something that you like to do.  Janette showed some fun volleyball drills where you shuffle to the right and block, shuffle to the left and block, go down low and dig, take a step back and spike… anyone who has ever played volleyball will totally get this!

3.  Homework – Create a food chart in a notebook where you track the following for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner: food, time, calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar and fat.

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Get In Shape for High School Reunion: Carolynn, Aimee & Tara

  1. I recently saw Dr Oz’s show on 3 women tat wanted to get in shape for a high school reunion. I saw you had a chart to write down all meals. I was interested in printing that chart to keep as a diary, but I was unable to find it on your website. I hope you can help me find it or email it to me.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Great question Sheena! You can download Dr. Oz’s food log here … would love to know how you do on this plan!

  3. Hey Sheena! This is Carolynn from the segment you watched. Best of luck!!! You can totally do this too!!! I’ll be rooting for you!

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