Dr Oz: Ginger Tea, Feverfew & Capsaicin Cream Headache Cures


Dr Oz: Headache Remedies

Cures for your headache don’t always come in a bottle. In this segment, Dr Oz showed you his all- natural headache cures that will give you fast and long lasting relief. Dr Oz brought up audience member, Renee, who stated that she had 4 kids and got headaches easily. (Boy, do I and millions of other mothers know this feeling.) Renee stated that her headaches normally occurred in the front, but sometimes she got pain on the side of her head.

Dr Oz: Tension Headache Ginger Tea Remedy

Tension Headache: A tension headache feels like a vice is closing down on your head and squeezing until your eyeballs feel like they’re ready to just pop out of your head.


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