Dr Oz: Glucosinolate Liver Remedy & Lutein for Eye Health


Dr Oz: Stress Fighting Nutrients

We all get stressed, that’s a given, but the important thing is to learn how to fight toxins in your body to keep it healthy and strong. In this segment, Dr Oz gave you the 3 vital nutrients to kick stress’ butt and take names later!

Donna, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she was confused with all the different supplements. As she got older, she was looking for the supplements that catered to her needs. Dr Oz asked Donna how she dealt with stress and she told him that aside from vitamins, she went to the gym.



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    hi, i always watch your program here in the middle east oman.. i just wanna ask re some countries are using L glutathione 500mg x TID + vit c 1g / oremfor 3 months and darker skin for 6 months, as skin lightening or thru IV ..? dose.. please would you comment on that ?
    thank you

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