Dr Oz: Goji Berries, Amaranth & Rainbow Trout Fight Fatigue


Dr Oz Miracle Foods To Fight Fatigue

Dr Oz: Fatigue Fighting Miracle Foods

Doctor Oz played a game called Fatigue Fighting Miracle Foods to teach everyone about what foods we should eat to fight off fatigue.  Have you tried (or at least hear of) Goji Berries, Amaranth or Rainbow Trout?  Here is why Dr Oz said that we should add these foods to our diet!

Dr Oz: Goji Berries Fight Fatigue

Dr Oz’s first question was which is a miracle food to fight fatigue: Goji Berries or Wasabi Peas?  The answer is that Goji Berries have a high level of Vitamin C which Dr Oz Goji Berriesimproves your absorption of Iron, which helps you to not get fatigued.  All you need to eat is 1/3 cup of Goji Berries every day.  The lady who answered this question correctly got a year’s supply of Goji Berries.

Dr Oz: Amaranth Fights Fatigue

Doctor Oz’s second question was which is a miracle food to fight fatigue: Amaranth or Mochi Rice?  Amaranth is a grain or seed whereas Mochi Rice is a short sticky rice.  Dr Oz said that Amaranth is great for a steady stream of energy, and you can eat it like a grain or even pop it like popcorn.  Mochi Rice on the other hand is a refined white rice that will cause your blood sugar to spike up and crash down.  The lady who got this answer correct won a spa gift of an energizing massage.

Dr Oz: Rainbow Trout Fights Fatigue

Dr Oz’s last question was which is a miracle food to fight fatigue: Rainbow Trout or Cod?  The answer is Rainbow Trout because it is rich in Vitamin B12 which helps prevent Anemia.  The lady who answered this question correctly won a trip for two to Mexico, courtesy of Apple Vacations!


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