Dr Oz: Golden Berries, Miso & Sauerkraut: Fat Belly Blaster Foods

Dr Oz: Belly Blaster Superfoods

Dr Oz’s 5 Step Belly Fat Plan show included a segment on 3 Belly Blaster Superfoods to help get rid of your Belly Fat!  The three foods that made Doctor Oz’s list were Golden Berries, Miso and Sauerkraut.  What makes these three foods so great at eliminating your Belly Fat?  Here is what Dr Oz had to say about them:

Dr Oz: Goldenberry Belly Blaster

Doctor Oz said that Golden Berries are a vegetable that come from Brazil, but they are becoming more and more popular in America.  You can find either Dried Goldenberries or the whole form (if your supermarket carries Dr Oz Miso Soup them fresh).  In addition to having a unique taste, Golden Berries are packed with B-Complex Vitamins that are essential for your metabolism.  Try eating 1/4 cup of Golden Berries every day.  You can find them for around #12 either online or at health food stores.

Dr Oz: Miso Belly Blaster

Dr Oz said that one of the reasons that women in Japan might be so skinny is because they eat so much Miso Soup.  Doctor Oz’s helper tasted some Miso and seemed to enjoy it, but then again, this particular assistant practically had washboard abs and looked amazing, so maybe she is already eating tons of Miso!  Dr Oz said that you can make Miso Soup at home and by eating 1 cup of it daily, you help to reduce the triglycerides in your body.  You can even buy Miso Soup mixes, but make sure they are not loaded with salt.  You can find Miso for around $2 per package online or at supermarkets.

Dr Oz: Sauerkraut Belly Blaster

Doctor Oz’s final Belly Blaster Food was Sauerkraut, which is great at getting rid of Belly Fat.  The way our gut metabolizes food controls how we get calories into our body.  If you do not have healthy bacteria in your gut, then your body tends to absorb more calories, hence why I personally am such a huge fan of taking Probiotic Supplements!  But another way to get probiotics and health bacteria into your gut is by eating fermented foods like Sauerkraut, which in turn will help you to lose weight.  This does not mean you should start eating lots of hotdogs though!  Instead, Dr Oz suggested putting Sauerkraut onto a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread.


  1. says

    Subject: arsenic
    I use to belong to Curves. I took their vitamins until I READ THE INGREDIENTS. 31% ARSENIC. They assured me it was harmless. Like it was added for health reasons. But common sense, told me different. Thank you for your show for making us more aware to checking our drinks too. Sincerely, Carolyn Justice.

  2. do says

    If you have diabetes can you eat golden berries? Does anyone know the sugar content of the dried ones?
    What is Miso made from?

  3. Suzy says

    I just turned you into Dr Oz …
    He is looking for FRAUD by people like yourselves.
    He came on his show talking about people like you.
    I hope he sues your ass.
    How DARE you do this !

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