Dr Oz: Goldie Hawn’s Secrets to Staying Young & Fighting Depression


Dr Oz: Goldie Hawn Interview

American’s original sweetheart, Goldie Hawn, joined Dr Oz today to discuss how, at 63 years of age, she still manages to look young and stay fit. She also discussed her darkest moment and how she overcame her battle with depression. Find out how she learned how to be happy once again with her 10-Minute Golden Rule.



  1. Joyce Spangler says

    I think God would love to see them get married because it is the right thing to do.
    I dated the man I married for 18 yrs.before we married.I always felt cheap because he had not made the full commitment to me,signing the dotted line. Joyce

  2. rick slick says

    I guess one of Goldies golden rules is to lie about your age. The powerful Oz said her age is 63 and she acknowledged it wjth her Jokerlike smile. Check anywhere on net she is actually 66.

  3. Chic Lady says

    Rick you are right on the money. She was born November 1945. Why lie? What else is she lying about.? Botox? Facelifts??? You should be proud of your age sweetheart.

    I stop watching the show because I am tired of these lying celebrity.

  4. Mack says

    I don’t think it matters that she didn’t marry Kurt. They have a 30 year happy life together and that’s more than can be said for some marriages…As far as age – who cares what she says, if she feels 63 or 53 then so be it..its just a number and means nothing!

  5. says

    Goldie Hawn is a lovely, vivacious, caring and inspirational woman. We’ve heard nothing but good things about her from our “inside sources”. But we do wish that she would have been more honest about her youthful looks. She’s 66 and with that comes aging, no matter how great your genes are – – and that’s okay! Good skincare, proper diet, exercise and a happy outlook on life do amazing things – – but it doesn’t stop gravity!

  6. bettina cirone says

    There is nothing that can drive out romantic love like a marriage. i never marriede despite countless opportnities throughout my life until i was sixty. some people fel the need to be married. i felt the need to not be married. i felt that getting marrioed to me was akin to dieing. it would be the death of freedm to choose what, when and where i wanted to be. i know myself too well. if i had gotten married i would allow myself to be enslaved. i don’t argue wit someone i love. i just do what i don’t wish to just to preserve the peace.

  7. Ann Cannon says

    I think it’s fine that they have successfully lived together for so long. Lieing about her age, not so much. I think the first secret to staying young should be being proud of your age, not lying about it. She looks good for 66, so why lie, Goldie?

  8. Mary Cannon says

    I think it’s fine that they have had a long, harmonius life. I was disappointed though that she let Dr. Oz state that she was 63 when she’s really 66. Why wouldn’t she be proud of that fact? I guess that’s her biggest secret to staying young.

  9. Chris says

    I personally have no more respect for Goldie Hawn. To outright lie about her age on national
    television is just wrong, especially when it is all over the internet that she was born in 1945.
    I can’t believe that the Dr. Oz show doesn’t check these things out prior to letting Celebrities on the show and letting them make these false statements.

  10. CHER says

    Goldie amazing lady.. Age is wisdom.. All the negative comments about Goldie come from jealous individuals who have low self worth . !! Joy sent.. .

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