Dr. Oz: Good Oil Vs. Bad Oil – Avocado Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Oil

Doctor Oz said that not all oils are created equally – some oils are better for us than other oils. So how can we tell which oils are good and which oils are bad? Dr. Oz taught us all about oil in a game called “Good Oil Vs. Bad Oil”… lets see how well you do!

1.  True or False: Healthy Oils are High in Poly-Unsaturated and Mono-Unsaturated Fats?

ANSWER: TRUE, healthy oils are high in poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats.  It was hilarious when Dr. Oz’s contestant guessed it was true before even hearing the question!

2.  For Dressing Foods, Is Avocado Oil or Palm Oil Healthier?

ANSWER: Avocado Oil is healthier than palm oil for dressing foods and salad dressings.

3.  What Percentage of Daily Calories Should Come From Saturated Fat? 12%, 7% or 40% ?

ANSWER: 7% of your daily calories should come from saturated fats.

4.  For Cooking Foods, Is Canola Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil Healthier?

ANSWER: While extra virgin olive oil is healthy, canola oil is the best choice for cooking foods because it can cook at a higher temperature than olive oil.

5.  What Oils Are Best for Hair & Skin?

This is the category that Dr. Oz did not get around to talking about… so lets take a poll on our website!  What would you guess are the best and worst oils for your hair and skin?  Leave your answer in a comment below.  I will start off the poll by saying perhaps Jojoba Oil was the best oil for your hair and skin (some friends put a few drops of Jojoba Oil in their conditioner and claim it makes their hair come out super soft)!  Jojoba Oil is also used in skin treatments, like here is an Exfoliating Face Mask Home Remedy that uses Jojoba Oil.


  1. James Abbot says

    without a doubt, Avocado Oil is best for skin and hair.
    Its high levels of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin against bacteria, infections and disease. It has properties to eliminate wrinkles, age spots, tighten sagging skin, and has even been shown effective against old scars.
    Its hair treatment qualities are also well known, and currently, all leading skin and hair care products contain avocado oil.

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