Dr Oz: Grape Skin Powder Smoothie & Snake Plant Sleep Remedy

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Dr Oz: Grape Skin Powder Smoothie & Snake Plant Sleep Remedy

By on April 20, 2012

Dr Oz: Sleep Remedies

Are you up all night and then the next morning, you’re running on empty? On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you the best remedies to get a good night’s sleep. Find out how to supercharge your sleep with these all-natural Sleep Remedies. Plus, read about Forskolin Supplements, which is a miracle fat burner that Doctor Oz spoke about as well.

Dr Oz Grape Skin Powder Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz's Grape Skin Powder Smoothie Recipe helps you to get a better night's sleep.

Mary, an audience member, told Dr Oz that when she goes to bed, she’s restless. She spends countless hours, awake, stressing about not falling asleep. The next morning, she has to drag herself out of bed and push her way through the day.

Dr Oz: Feng Shui for Sleep

Did you know the arrangement of your bedroom could affect your sleep? Dr Oz says your room should be aligned properly to get good sleep. Mary said her bed was next to the window and against the wall. Wrong answer! When your bed is against the wall, it means you’re backed up. Do not place your bed next to the window because it drains good energy. You should also have a full view of the door from your bed. Soles of your feet shouldn’t face the doorway either. The Chinese call this position the “death position.” (Alrighty then, moving my bed right now!)

Dr Oz: Snake Plant Helps You Sleep

Because of the way it looked, the snake plant is also called “The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”. (I found that quite amusing! Check out what it looks like online.) Dr Oz says plants absorb toxins and releases oxygen for cleaner air, which will help you get a good night’s rest.

Dr Oz: Grape Skin Powder Sleep Smoothie Recipe

What could be better than having a delicious smoothie before bed? Dr Oz says grape skin powder is a very powerful antioxidant. Make a smoothie and drink 2 hours before bed.

1 Tbsp grape skin powder
1 banana
1 c frozen strawberries
4-5 ice cubes
1 c seltzer

This smoothie contains tryptophan, which is a common relaxer for the brain.

Dr Oz: Mantras for Better Sleep

When you find yourself lying awake at night, try repeating a mantra either in your head or out-loud. Your word can be a neutral word, like peace, calm, love, relax, or it can be something close to you, like your child’s name. Repeating your mantra will lead you to a calmer place—and it’s FREE!

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  1. were do you buy this grape skin powder?

  2. Rosemarie Taffs says:

    Where can I purchase grape skin powder. i went to the health food store and they gave me grape SEED extract instead

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