Dr Oz Graphotherapy: What Your Handwriting Says About Your Health


Dr Oz Handwriting Analysis

Think your writing can’t tell you about your health? Think again! On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Handwriting Expert, Kathi McKnight, to demonstrate how your handwriting can warn you about possible health issues.

Dr Oz Graphotherapy: What Your Handwriting Says About Your Health

Dr Oz spoke about Graphotherapy and what your handwriting says about your health.

Dr Oz had the entire audience write down 2 phrases in lower case; “She sells sea shells” and “The tide is wide.” By writing these 2 phrases, Kathi can tell you about your health. You can also change the way you write to reverse your risks. According to Handwriting Analyst, Kathi McKnight- there are over 5000 things you can tell just by these 2 phrases.

Dr Oz: What Your Handwriting Says About You

Kathi had Doctor Oz write a lower case “f”. By the top of the “f” you can tell of concussions and other head trauma. The middle of the “f” demonstrates if you may be pregnant and the bottom of the “f” shows you of any foot or ankle issues. (I wasn’t really buying this but I did keep an open mind.)

Dr Oz: Grapotherapy

In the phrase, “She sells sea shells”, an open “s” means we’re giving power away to other people. In other words, you are saying no to people when you really want to say yes and you’re saying yes when you really want to say no. Dr Oz had an open “s” which meant he was “agreeable.” Kathi says when we are too people pleasing, it can affect our health. Kathi says changing your writing can change your behavior, which in turn, can change your health.


  1. Rebekah says

    Can you elaborate more on the “f”? If you may be pregnant, how should the “f” appear?

  2. Beckie says

    So what does this mean for a class full of third graders required to take handwriting class, where every loop needs to be just so? Maybe our tendencies to want to text and type help camouflage all sorts of weaknesses. That’s just weird.

  3. Tracy says

    Jackie, I consider myself to be a healthy skeptic about many things in general, but would not suggest this is absolutely ridiculous. To do so would be to imply that I know everything. Is it not possible that our brain, which receives all sorts of feedback from our body, could be communicating this information back to us in a variety of ways, including in our handwriting?

  4. says

    My experiences is that all kinds of health issues can be read in a person’s handwriting, even conditions that they didn’t realize they have, such as heart disease or autoimmune diseases. For example, in diabetes, you often will see an “x’ form somewhere in the middle zone of their handwriting (which reflects the middle zone of the body such as the pancreas and stomach). I worked in a clinic as an acupuncturist for a number of years and learned how to correlate people’s conditions with their handwriting and it was amazing how accurate it was. However, there are not that many graphologists that have a well enough trained eye to do this well – its an art really.

  5. says

    Graphotherapy is all about reformation of your handwriting strokes to some extent. As a handwriting analyst I always tell my clients that to keep in mind that they should NOT change everything about their handwriting. In most cases, a graphologist’s aim should be to strengthen positive points, NOT to eliminate negative points.

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