Dr Oz Grocery Store Roadmap & $40 Diet Shopping List


As part of the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet Plan, Dr Oz gave some wonderful guidelines for how to navigate your grocery store.  Doctor Oz said that you’re wrong if you think you can’t afford a healthy food diet plan and he proved it with the Dr Oz $40 a week Grocery Shopping List.  Dr Oz’s Roadmap to the Grocery Store is a revolutionary way to think about how to do your food shopping.

Dr Oz Grocery Store Roadmap

1. Dr Oz: Meat & Fish Section – Spend $14

Dr Oz said that people usually go to the produce section first, but he wants us to start in the meat and fish section where we can spend $14 a week.  He suggested splurging on organic Dr Oz Roadmap to the Grocery Storechicken, which costs $4.50 a pound.  Some other recommended items include 98% lean ground beef, tilapia, and even canned salmon (though I personally would recommend the salmon in pouches over the canned salmon so that you can avoid BPA in your food).

2. Dr Oz: Produce Section – Spend $10

Dr Oz said that the best place to overspend is in the produce section.  For thin skinned items like lettuce or apples, go organic (unless you plan to eat the apples without the skin, according to Dr Oz).  A great money saving tip is to buy frozen berries, spinach, and broccoli because they have all of the nutrients and the freezing process kills bacteria.  Another tip Dr Oz gave was to use canned tomatoes (Why does no company make tomatoes in a jar instead of in a can?  Again, I would worry about the BPA in the canned tomatoes!).

3. Dr Oz: Dairy Section – Spend $8

Dr Oz said that you can spend $8 in the dairy section on items like low fat organic milk, low fat and low sodium cheese, and Greek Yogurt, which is great because it really fills you up.  Another great money saving tip is to make your own yogurt, which is something that I have started to do and I love that you can control every ingredient that you put into your yogurt.  You can read Opinion Queen’s complete review of a wonderful yogurt maker here: Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Maker Review

4. Dr Oz: Whole Grain Aisle – Spend $5

Dr Oz said that the next aisle to head to is the Whole Grains Aisle where you can spend $5 on whole grains.  Look for products like whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, or brown rice – all of which have fiber and antioxidants.

5. Dr Oz: Bulk Food Aisle – Spend $3

The final aisle is the bulk food section where you can spend $3 on things like dark chocolate and nuts.  You get more and spend less when you buy in the bulk food section because you are not paying for packaging.


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