Dr Oz Gross Habits: Is Picking Your Nose Bad For You?

Dr Oz: Gross Habits – Healthy or Harmful?

Do you have a family member or a loved one with a gross and disgusting habit? Then today was the show for you! Dr Oz visited several fans who wanted to turn in their loved ones with their gross and disgusting habits. But are these habits just gross or are they dangerous to your health? Dr Oz hit the streets and ambushed your husbands, wives and best friends to find out their most disgusting habits. (Which, happen to include burping, sharing toothbrushes and picking lint from your belly button.) Don’t miss Dr. Oz’s shocking answer to whether picking your nose is bad for you or not, revealed on the next page!!!


  1. amanda says

    My step-son and step-daughter came to live with us full time two years ago. Their mother neglected them in many ways. My step-son came with a disgusting habit of picking his nose and eating it, but worse than that, picking his butt and eating it!!! We have tried everything from talking with him about the dangers of feces, to pleading with him, counseling, getting him a wings worker, counselor, acadia, taken him to the hospital, disciplining him…everything!!! My step-daughter, and my two kids all have gotten pin worms! Our family has been treated several times.This is a disgusting habit this kid has had for years! I remember when they weren’t living with us full time, and having to treat my family every time they came for pin-worms because that’s what they brought with them minus their toothbrush and clean clothes! Seriously I am scared for my family because we had a teenager we were close to die. She died because someone cleaning her incision did not wash their hands and feces got into her blood stream! Did I mention she died! This child has many other problems but this to me right now is the worst. Can somebody help me please! I have literally tried everything and I don’t want to give up on him. Thank you for your time in advance!

  2. Stephanie says

    Very interesting however its weird that in the introduction you said burping, sharing toothbrushes and picking belly button lint and none of those were in the article!

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