Dr Oz: Gua Sha, HVLA, Radio Frequency Ablation & Botox for Pain


Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Pain Procedures

Do you have constant pain in your back, neck or shoulders? Stop living in pain! With the help of his “Pain Panel” Doctor Oz brought you the unconventional cutting-edge treatments for your back, neck and shoulder pain. Doctor Oz reached out to his panel of experts to give you the best pain solutions that are readily available to you to relieve your common aches and pains such as Gua Sha, HVLA (High Velocity Low Amplitude), Radio Frequency Ablation and Botox.

Dr Oz: Gua Sha for Pain

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese treatment that has been used to heal fever and digestive disorder for centuries.


  1. Lois McClure says

    The information on Dr. Christian Whitney’s talk on the Dr. Ozz show insufficent. Why not provide a video for your followers of this segment. It is dissappointing to find so little on this site.

  2. E. M. says

    I have had chronic neck pain for a number of years. I am being treated with Dysport, which is very similar to Botox, just a different brand. It has less side effects for me and is less expensive but I find that muscle relaxers take away literally all of my pain, whereas the injections don’t work much at all. Basically the injections take away the head tremor and some of the muscle tightness. I’ve been taking injections since 2007. I had to give up my career because of cervical dystonia and I really want my life and energy back.

  3. says

    Dr. Oz,

    I have serious low back pain for about 4 years, with a stem removal at Stanford U, acpuncture,
    Oxycontin, injection of Botox, Ibuprofin, physical therapy, and more. I think my only future lies with resiniferatoxin which kills pain cells forever — but Big Pharma is suppressing it, as it will totally replace Opioids. One good treatment should kill my pain forever. I will pay $245,000 for this treatment, if the dosage is right. Terms: $5000 up front, and $1,000 per month for 240 months. Resiniferatoxin costs maybe $100. Paul at (408) 897-3023

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